Star Wars #22

Star Wars #22

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Jorge Molina
Colorist: Matt Milla
Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Cover Artists: Mike Deodato and Frank Martin

Star Wars #22 is a real change up as it focuses entirely on the big three in a space battle against the Harbinger. The issue opens with a big, two page spread of starfighters battling it out in front of an Imperial Star Destroyer. There’s lots of action as the ships dance around in space, blow each other up, and the Rebels make attack runs on the big destroyer. There’s also quite a bit of dialog as the pilots chatter with each other and Han and Leia bicker in the Falcon. But the real question is what’s the payout?

Artwise, this issue is kind of a mixed bag. Some of the panels look really good with lots of detail and a realistic style. Others look rather cartoonish with the depiction of the characters. Overall, the illustration of the characters is a little too cartoonish for my liking. With the main series so far, there’s been a nice consistent look to Han, Luke and Leia. However Jorge Molina’s style is very different and a bit jarring. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get used to it.

The storytelling is okay. Basically the Rebels fight their way into hijack the Harbinger and then struggle to fix it back up so they can use it for some undisclosed plan. That leaves a lot of the issue open for quick bits of dialog and lots of action. The dialog between Han and Leia is kind of cliche, and really there isn’t anything done with the dialog that adds much to the story or the characters. There’s zero character development. Plus the plot is pretty cryptic at this point. The Rebels stole a ship, but we don’t know why yet. Without the why, there’s not a lot to get excited about. It’s not a terrible story, but it’s not anything exceptional, either.

With okay artwork and an okay story, Star Wars #22 sort of coasts in for an average three out of five metal bikinis. Hopefully the next issue will have more to offer.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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