Star Wars #19

Star Wars #19 (of 20)

Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Carlos D’Anda
Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb
Letterer: Michael Heisler
Cover Artist: Hugh Fleming

Star Wars #19 is kind of a slow issue focusing more on dialog and characters rather than action. A new character is introduced, rebel agent Seren Song, and she’s being chased by the droid bounty hunter IG-88 on the junkyard planet of Lotho Minor. With Leia, Han and Luke being sent to the rescue, it seems like a straightforward mission. However, there are elements in the story that hint at something more.

Hugh Fleming hits a homerun with the beautiful cover on Star Wars #19. It’s a nice collage of the main characters, squeezes in the Falcon, and has kind of a nostalgic look with the color palette. The interior artwork by Carlos D’Anda and Gabe Eltaeb is just as good with some wonderful coloring and some insanely detailed panels. The first shot of the issue shows Lotho Minor littered with starship carcasses while beams of light streak through the environment. Near the end, there’s a panel of Seren in the cockpit of her Y-wing while flying through hyperspace that my jaw almost literally dropped open. The detail and coloring is just outstanding. The last panel is just as good with a crazy amount of detail showcasing a full page of the Falcon‘s interior.

The story that’s rolled out in this issue is pretty straightforward on the exterior but there are hints that the next issue might pull out some surprises. Seren Song is a rebel agent who has been undercover for a long, long time. She’s got IG-88 hunting her down, and she makes some careless moves as she calls for help. It’s revealed that her and Leia have ties. They knew each other as kids. But Seren became a soldier. She drops a line about hiding her true feelings which makes me wonder where her loyalties lie.

When Leia, Luke and Han come to the rescue, they’re too late. They run into IG-88, but they break and run. Already making her escape is Seren. Both groups end the issue traveling through hyperspace. With only one issue left in this series, they’re bound to meet up in the next issue and spill the beans on what is up with Seren, her mission, and her past. They’ll most likely be another confrontation with IG-88 as well. I’m not sure how stellar of a story Brian Wood can pull off with what he’s got going here, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

One thing worth mentioning is IG-88. While he may not be as iconic as Boba Fett, Brian Wood goes out on a limb to actually make IG-88 a character. The droid actually gets dialog. Furthermore, it’s not the typical dialog you’d expect from a droid, unless you tend to think about Episode I battle droids. Yeah, sadly IG-88 sounds kind of silly. It might work for some readers, but it just seemed way out of character. What little we have seen of IG-88, he’s always been a pretty serious character. Wood takes him into a much more colorful direction.

Artwise, this issue is top notch. There’s great coloring, lighting and amazing detail. The panels convey a good sense of motion that brings the scenes to life. Carlos D’Anda does take his liberties with the looks of the characters, staying away from real world likenesses, but the art is good and some of the panels are worthy of being framed. While the story is kind of simple and the action is lite, there’s a lot of dialog and character building. Hopefully that pays off in the final issue. As is, I give Star Wars #19 a three out of five metal bikinis. It’s outstanding artwork, but the story isn’t anything to get excited about yet.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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