Star Wars #1


Star Wars #1

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: John Cassaday
Colorist: Laura Martin
Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
Cover Artist: John Cassaday and Laura Martin (for variant covers, click here)

Amidst all the hype, the onslaught of cover variants, and sold out comic shelves, Marvel’s Star Wars #1 actually delivers a story worth the hoopla. The story boils down almost everything essential to a good Star Wars tale. There’s action, mystery, excitement, humor suspense and surprises. The dialog fits the characters and the art complements the story, completing the adventure. Quite simply, it exceeded my expectations.

Everything kicks off on Cymoon 1, an Imperial production planet in the Corellian Industrial Sector. Han poses as an envoy for Jabba the Hutt in order to make a deal with the Imperials. Of course it’s a ruse, the Rebels reveal their plan of infiltration and sabotage, and the action ensues. The comic captures all of the main characters: Han, Luke, Leia, Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2. While Luke may have center stage on the cover, this issue definitely focuses more on Han. Writer Jason Aaron does a good job of capturing the sound of the characters and spends a lot of time on Han’s dialog to good effect. That said, C-3PO has some good moments, and out of the rest of the cast, he probably has the second most lines next to Han.

Aside from just nailing the character dialog, Jason Aaron does a great job of unfolding a layered story. On the surface, it’s a pretty simple plot: infiltrate planet as Jabba’s envoys then pull guns, threaten Imperial officers, and sabotage the Empire’s largest manufacturing plant. But the way the artwork and the panels are laid out, there’s a lot of subtlety and surprise in the issue. A simply action scene turns into a jaw dropping moment. A few twist and turns later, and you get another jaw dropping moment, until finally you get to the crescendo. Page by page the bar is raised, not only maintaining the intrigue and entertainment, but ratcheting it up as the story goes along. Even with the somewhat cliffhanger ending, this issue manages to feel complete and satisfying. It’s superb way to start things off.

John Cassaday and Laura Martin’s artwork also goes a long way in completing the journey. They do a good job of depicting the characters in a recognizable fashion, embellishing the pages with rich, colorful, interesting imagery, and packing in the detail. Keen eyed readers who slow down to enjoy the artwork may find themselves picking out recognizable objects in the heaps of trash that decorate some of the background scenery. Yet the panels that really steal the show are the full page shots of the characters and the surprises they run into.

Without spoiling too much, Star Wars #1 combines some excellent writing and great artwork for a terrific comic. As a comic reader who doesn’t normally check out Marvel, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Having read this issue, however, I’m starting to feel better about things. If the villains can be kept as a believable threat, if Leia’s role can be given more time to shine, and if the action and humor can be kept on par with this issue, then this is going to be quite the successful series. I give Star Wars #1 a five out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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