Review- Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi Prisoner of Bogan #1

Banished to the dark moon Bogan, the Force Hound Xesh has been living in contemplation; the memory of who he was before his ship crashed on Tython still escapes him. A rival from his past is on his trail, and the Je’daii are doing all they can to discover his origin. And now, Xesh is about to meet someone who will change his life forever, a former great Je’daii . . . the prisoner of Bogan!

* Chronicles the origins of the Jedi!

The origins of the Jedi continue this month and after the break you can read our thoughts on the newest issue!


MrsCorax: So, the story opens with Trill getting her tush handed to her by Skal’nas. He’s throwing her around with the force, force choking her, the whole works. Trill promises to find where Xesh’s ship vanished, by tracking Xesh. Then, the whole story pans over to Xesh on Bogan. You get a glimpse of a young Xesh; a slave, Xesh.

Corax: I think that by using the Rakata and the Infinite Empire, John and Jan have opened Pandora’s Box on endless possibilities.  Seeing even a glimpse of their societal structure broadens this era even farther than what I expected it be.  Finding Xesh banished to Bogan to contemplate Ashla is probably one of the biggest mistakes the Je’daii have made.  But seeing glimpses into his youth among the Rakata is incredibly intriguing, and I hope that we get to see more of his past sprinkled throughout the series.

MrsCorax: This is the part where I’m left with more questions than answers. Who is “she” that protected Xesh? He can’t remember her face or who she was, but he knows “she” was always there and eased his pain. Who the heck is “she?” Also, moving on further, we get the chance to see Xesh and Daegan Lok interacting. We find out that what landed Daegan on Bogan was a vision. The Je’daii, believing him mad, banished him to Bogan. But here’s the kicker, he was right… About pretty much everything. He saw a creature with a single red eye leading an army, which we have yet to see, but he also saw a sword of flame (hello, forcesaber!). We get a glimpse at a side of the Je’daii I wasn’t expecting… A side that is too afraid of what they don’t know to acknowledge it. I expect the rest of Daegan’s vision to come true and a huge change to the way the Je’daii operate.

Corax: I think the change is already there in the form of Xesh.  But I am left wondering about the mysterious “she” as well.  Was it by chance Trill watching over Xesh or could it be the Mother Machine that the Rakata created?  I think one of the biggest changes the Je’daii will face is the rising current of the dark side.  If everything is supposed to be balanced how do you counter that without changing everything about the Je’daii order right now?  Maybe Master Rajivari is right and Ketu was too worried about his own pride to listen to the Journeyers?

MrsCorax: Okay, I know I’m still pretty new to this whole Start Wars EU thing, but isn’t pride one of the Jedi cardinal sins? Doesn’t pride lead to the Dark Side? If that’s true, what will become of Ketu? Will he succumb to the Dark Side? I thought it was pretty crazy that Xesh can be a power source as well. “Here let me just touch this old ship here, and I’ll get her going again.” I was a little confused by this. I know that the force is all around them and a force sensitive can harness the force, but it makes me wonder exactly how powerful Xesh is, and will become. I really want redemption for Xesh and Daegan. Xesh is pretty much just a product of his environment and can obviously change for the better if he was willing to fight with the Journeyers instead of against them. Daegan said he is the harbinger of what is to come, but does that mean he’s bringing destruction? Or could he possibly the one who saves the day? And Daegan is pretty much only in exile because he wasn’t part of the normal order of things. The man had a vision and suddenly, because some Je’daii were too afraid to face what may be coming, the chalked it up to madness and sent him on his merry way to Bogan. Also, doesn’t fear lead to the Dark Side?

Corax: This is where things about the force get confusing sometimes, hun. What the Je’daii are practicing now is considered the Unifying Force, essentially they believe that it is the individuals responsibility to balance the light side and dark side within themselves.  That’s why the threat from Xesh scares them so much, they don’t know how to respond to it because of their beliefs.  Myself, I think that Daegan will bring destruction and change to the Je’daii Order as it stands right now and it will be Xesh who leads the Order out of the darkness.

MrsCorax: Just when I think I have everything all figured out… Regardless, we both really enjoyed this issue and highly recommend it. After months of waiting, it was well worth it! With that being said, we give this issue 5 out of 5 brass bikinis.

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  2. Yeah Xesh is powerful, proabably on a Kyp Durron level, because Durron recharged the Sun Crusher with the Force as well.

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