Predator: Fire and Stone #2

Predator: Fire and Stone #2

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Christopher Mooneyham
Colorist: Dan Brown
Letterer: Nate Piekos
Cover Artist: Lucas Graciano

Alright, let’s take a moment to orient ourselves. Predator: Fire and Stone #2 is set after the events of Prometheus: Fire and Stone #1 through #4 and Alien vs. Predator: Fire and Stone #1. Since the Aliens: Fire and Stone arc is a prequel to everything, this also takes place after that. Okay, so we’re back to Galgo, the traitorous human who has sacrificed all of his compatriots for his own survival. He’s escaped Elden the mutated construct, but he’s still being hunted by a Predator. Now they’re we’re up to speed, let’s do this.

First off, Lucas Graciano has graced this issue with a beautiful cover. The Predator looks awesome. The painted quality of the artwork brings out gorgeous detail and colors. It’s on par with the likes of Dave Dorman and a great way to kicks things off.

The interior art is not too bad. It’s dark and gritty, but with a good level of detail and some nice panels highlighting the characters and action. Things start out with a past hunt involving the Predator on the cover which shows its connection to the engineers. Zapping back to the present, we see it forging a bond with Galgo, though very grudgingly. The two survivors have some things in common: they play dirty and will go to great lengths to get what they want. Unfortunately for Galgo, the Predator is in charge, and he’s heading back to LV-223.

The art varies a little panel-to-panel. Some shots are very detail oriented. For instance, the close-up of the Predator as the issue goes from past to present. The tight frame on the Predator’s scarred face shows a lot of detail and clarity. As the page transitions out to a larger panel, it shows Galgo suspended from the ceiling and a full view of the Predator. It’s a good shot, and there’s a lot of detail, but there’s less clarity to the image. It feels grittier and rougher. For instance, Galgo’s face is more of a vague depiction to give viewers the idea that this is Galgo without actually drawing him. It’s not a complaint, just an observation, and one I’m sure comes down to economy and time. The point is that throughout the issue there are some really detailed panels that look great, and a lot of more economized shots that still look good and get the job done. Overall, I really like the style.

As the unlikely pair make their way back to LV-223, they quickly get themselves into a fight with the unnatural wildlife. They manage to work together and it’s a fun team-up: a perhaps less than honorable Predator working with a selfish human survivor to hunt down an engineer. Yet the last page of the issue throws a twist into the dynamic and it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.

With nice artwork and an entertaining story, I give Predator: Fire and Stone #2 a five out of five metal bikinis. The visuals tell the story and show off the ugly face of the Predator while casting a unique style that stands out from other comics. The characters take some twists and turns for the betterment of the story, and while Galgo is still a despicable sort, he’s still interesting. While the jumping around from issue to issue between the various arcs every week is a little jarring, it does make sense on some level as we get glimpses here and there of how everything is playing together. Hopefully it pays off in the end.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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