Poe Dameron #8

Poe Dameron #8

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist/Cover Artist: Phil Noto
Letterer: Joe Caramagna

Jumping back into the thick of things, Poe Dameron #8 begins to delve into the First Order informant in Black Squadron while plunging Poe into another daring mission. This time Poe has a lead on the whereabouts of Supreme Leader Snoke, but choosing who to take with him becomes a dilemma when he doesn’t know who he can trust in Black Squadron. Meanwhile Agent Terex isn’t left behind. While Poe deals with his problems, Terex also faces his. He’s had a couple defeats and the time has come for a reckoning. To get there, we catch a glimpse of his past and his ties to Palpatine’s Empire and the battle of Jakku.

On D’Qar at the Resistance base, things kick off with Poe worrying about who the mole is in Black Squadron. Everyone is someone he trusts, yet everyone has given him a reason to wonder. The stress of the situation is taking its toll. Luckily C-3PO comes along to offer him a mission that could prove very interesting. Through his network of droid spies, 3PO has gotten a lead on where Supreme Leader Snoke is currently located. Unfortunately his informant went quiet, so it’s up to Poe to investigate. This in turn leads him to the challenging question of who to take with him when any member of his squadron could be a First Order spy.

The rest of the issue focuses on Terrex. His recent defeat has him edgy and looking back on his past. This leads to a flashback of his service as a Stormtrooper for the Empire and his last mission at the battle of Jakku. We find out what happened to Terrex there, and how he wound up on such a strange path as a quirky agent for the First Order. As a Terrex fan, I really loved this exploration of his backstory. It adds a lot to the character and his motivations. It also introduces a new character who was very influential on Terrex, a fellow Stormtrooper named Corlac. The flashbacks lead up to the present as Terrex’s past becomes his and Poe’s future: the planet Kaddak. Dressed in his old TK armor with some heavy modifications, Terrex goes out on a mission to reclaim himself. I’m not sure where this is heading, but I like it.

Phil does a stand up job with the artwork. The panels do a great job of bringing the story to life and adding elements that the dialog doesn’t touch on. From the expressions of the characters to the environments and Terrex’s wild looking armor, the visuals are great. Even the cover captures the intensity of the issue. While Poe and Terrex are fighting each other in this issue, each is dealing with problems as a result of each other, and their current courses are leading them to another inevitable confrontation.

With great artwork and a great story, it’s hard to critique this issue. However, as fun as the backstory exploration was, and the setup for Poe’s next mission, this is very much a transition issue. There isn’t a lot of action, and most of the story development is geared toward an oncoming clash. Thus the comic doesn’t stand up by itself all that well. It’s a great issue, but it’s serving a greater purpose toward the larger picture. I give it a four out of five metal bikinis. It’s in no way a bad issue, and it’ll be a great part of the collected trade edition, but the really good parts are yet to come. Hopefully.


Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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