Poe Dameron #3

Poe Dameron #3

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist/Cover Artist: Phil Noto
Letterer: Joe Caramagna

Poe Dameron #3 wraps up the egg arc with a gigantic throwdown and a whole lot of fun. Agent Terex unleashes the power of the egg while battling wits with Poe. Elsewhere Black Squadron fights for their lives against a swarm of First Order Ties. The good guys are on their toes and it’s just a matter of luck that makes the difference. But really, how can you go wrong with a Godzilla fight?

Poe Dameron #2 introduced us to Terex, and issue #3 serves up a whole lot more of the smarmy villain. I really do like this guy. He’s smug, intelligent, talks too much and yet still manages to come out alright despite setbacks and being on the inevitable losing side. If you’re a Terex fan, this issue delivers. However, as much as I’m loving Terex, I do have to admit he makes Poe seem a lot dumber than I think he should be. We didn’t get to see a lot of Poe in The Force Awakens, but he didn’t exactly strike me as the dumb good guy. Regardless, Terex steals the show…at least he would if he wasn’t playing second fiddle to Godzilla.

Spoiler time – let’s get into what’s inside the cosmic egg. For two issues I’ve been wondering. We’ve been introduced to this cult worshiping their impending savior who resides in an egg. With Flametroopers bringing the thing to a boil, they crack it open and out pops…

…a gigantic, glowy, winged creature – the savior unborn. Unfortunately for the egg worshippers, the savior is hungry.

Now I did not see this coming. I thought the thing in the egg might turn on the cultists, but I did not foresee the thing in the egg being a giant, winged monster. It was definitely a surprise. Yet Charles Soule does one better and brings in another monster. This leads to a monster fight and some awesome panels in the comic. Now there is some precedent for monsters in Star Wars, even Godzilla like monsters, and regardless of where you stand on such things fitting into Star Wars, the big monster battle in this issue was just pure fun.

So while Terex and Poe are trying to outsmart each other, and Black Squadron is trying to outfly the First Order, there is now a giant monster fight going on. On one hand, this could be utter chaos, but Soule takes that monster fight, weaves it into the story, and uses it to generate opportunities for the character. Terex uses it as a distraction to get the upper hand on Poe. Then the monsters break free and create a distraction which helps Black Squadron. With a escape route now in hand, Poe has a way to break free and Black Squadron has an entry way to lend support. Even the egg worshipers come out ahead by getting their savior and a ride off the planet. I have to hand it to Soule, he took that story idea and made the most of it.

Complementing the fun story, Phil Noto brings his A-game with some great artwork. There’s excellent shots of the characters, the action and well crafted layouts that accentuate the flow of the story. For instance, there’s a subtle panel right in the beginning showing a large background shot of Terex’s head with a subset panel with Poe. It mimics the mind game that’s going on as Terex tries to get inside Poe’s head to figure him out. Then there’s the big, two-page spread of the starfighters fighting on the surface, dominating the page, but also lending some room to a line of panels at the bottom showing off the pilots and the action. That combination of large visuals and smaller shots does a tremendous job of bringing the story to life. It not only provides a visual through line, but it gives emotional impact to these luxurious, sweeping pictures, hammering home the key points of each page and underlining them with these important little visual cues. It creates cinematic storytelling in a 2D format. All in all, it’s top notch work.

With a jam packed story and fantastic artwork, I give Poe Dameron #3 a five out of five metal bikinis. While I was very leary of the whole egg thing, it turned out to be an outstanding story device. Definitely worth checking out.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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