Phasma is, quite simply, the Mad Max origin tale of the First Order’s shiny chrome Captain. The Force Awakens promised us a badass villain and fell short of the mark. In Phasma, Delilah S. Dawson makes up for that and delivers the butt kicking, back stabbing villain we hoped for. Or at least the one I was hoping for. But this journey might not be for everyone as it eschews some of the typical Star Wars story elements in order to do something a bit different.

Everything starts with Vi Moradi. Vi is a new character, and she’s part of the framing story for the book. As an agent for the Resistance, she’s sent out to snoop on a part of space the First Order may be in. Unfortunately for her, she gets caught. This leads her to a figure known as Captain Cardinal. Cardinal is in charge of training the children of the First Order. But Cardinal has become wary of things and is convinced that Captain Phasma is corrupting everything the First Order stands for. He wants her taken out, and Vi Moradi is his key. From there on out, Vi tells Cardinal everything she knows about Phasma. She reveals the captain’s homeworld, her people, how she escaped to join the First Order, and the many betrayals she’s committed along the way.

Thus the book takes breaks between the interrogation of Vi by her captor, and the unraveling origin story of Phasma. It’s an interesting way to tell the story, laying out some pieces of the First Order’s current state, as well as building out Phasma’s backstory. But Phasma is definitely the focus of both tales. Through her story, we get to see the small village she came from, the harsh conditions she grew up in, and the bold decisions she made to earn her escape from her planet and thus winning acceptance into the First Order. The book accomplishes a lot and reveals quite a bit about the character. We learn about her name, her family, her obsession with armor, how she got her armor, how she joined the First Order, and there’s an explanation for her actions in The Force Awakens. It even lays out the groundwork for the spear we’ve seen her with in The Last Jedi. Phasma is much more than a faithful brainwashed soldier. She’s a creature of her own making.

Yet all of that only scratches the surface of what happens in this book. Calling it a Mad Max original tale isn’t too far from the truth as there’s some wild car combat and gladiator fights. The people of Phasma’s homeworld are a rough and ready bunch scraping by with whatever they can get. Some of the story is more Lord of the Flies than Mad Max as the survivors struggle to rule themselves in a survival of the fittest situation. There’s harsh environments, extreme violence, and some fairly disgusting monsters, some of whom are fellow humans. However, those very things are also the elements that stray a bit from the norm in regards to the Star Wars films. Not every Star Wars fan may dig a book that explores the darker side of the galaxy. On the other hand, this isn’t a cheery story about our heroes. This is a story about the villains. And to understand Phasma, you have to go into the shadows to see what lurks there.

As an exploration of Captain Phasma, this book not only lays out the backstory for the character, but justifies her existence. Delilah S. Dawson cooks up a story that’s dark, gripping and entertaining. From hero to villain, readers get to see why Phasma is the way she is and the long journey that has led her to the ranks of the First Order. It’s a road paved in violence and sacrifice, and shielded behind a mask. For anyone looking to learn more about the character, this book is a must read. I give it a five out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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