Overdraft: The Orion Offensive – “Tender Offer”

Overdraft: The Orion Offensive

Episode 6 – “Tender Offer”

“Tender Offer” has quite a bit to offer for readers. There’s a sneaky character twist to catch readers off guard, a plot reveal to leave them stunned, and a cliffhanger of an ending to make them beg for more. While the robot kill fest on Kano could have delved deeply into some intense action scenes, the story focuses a lot more on Jamie Sturm and a new spiraling of events. Thankfully those new twists and turns in the story are worth it.

For much of this episode, Jamie spends his time in a hardsuit hiding from Peter Santos, the finance cop who is out to get him. As such, Jamie has a couple close calls on the battlefield as the Surge team tries to take out some territory overrun by deadly robots. John provides some cool descriptions of the various robots on the planet, but they’re more or less window dressing for the setting. The real meat of the story is what happens to Jamie. It would seem he’s not alone in his plight. Oddly enough, quartermaster Lissa Trovatelli offers to help Jamie out. But things get more complicated once the Xylanx arrive on the planet with their own objectives in mind.

Lissa gets a lot of attention in this episode and readers get to learn a whole lot more about her character. John reveals her background, her character motivations, and what happened with that slip up on Moog. It certainly casts her in a new light and makes her a lot more interesting.

Just as the story heats up and everything starts getting crazy, the story comes to an end…at least for two more weeks. There are some big questions up in the air. One way or another, Episode 7 is going to be a lot of fun. With all the build up and surprises in Episode 6, I give this one a five out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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