Negative Space #2

Negative Space #2

Writer: Ryan K. Lindsay
Artist/Cover Artist: Owen Gieni
Letterer: Ryan Ferrier

With such a depressing cover, you might be wondering why you would want to read this comic. Heck, the thing says it right there on the cover, “Kill yourself.” The main character, in all his moody glory, stands there like a living teardrop of misery. But fret not, inside lies the glory of a tongue and cheek tale about monopolizing sorrow and waging a war on depression. Think happy thoughts cause the war is about to begin.

Issue #1 plunged us into a wild, bizarre story with clues sprinkled along the way. Bits and pieces could be gathered to form the bare bones of an overall plot. Thankfully issue #2 dives in deeper and helps solidify the story. The relationship between Kindred and the Evorah becomes clear, as does Guy’s role in all of this. You see, the Evorah are a species that feed off emotions. For them, sadness is a good thing as they enjoy it. Human sadness is like a crop they can live off of. So they made a deal with certain humans and an industry was formed on mankind’s sadness. Guy is just another cog in the wheel that keeps the depressing machine rolling. But things have spun out of place and Guy has been chosen to fight back against the machine. Their weapon: happiness.

To be more precise, they play to build a happiness bomb. It’s funny how a story so steeped in misery can find levity in off color humor. It’s a dynamic combination that Ryan K. Lindsay is able to manipulate to its fullest. Combined with the lust artwork of Owen Gieni, it’s a wonderful story. And while it might seem like it would be depressing, there’s an uplifting note of defiance in the heart of the tale. Plus a new character joins Guy to help brighten things up.

With the story rolling forward on such a great note of character and story development, the artwork keeps pace with some more beautiful visuals. In fact the art in this issue is even better than the last. So while you’re flipping pages, be sure to take some time to drink in the panels. They’re worth enjoying.

With the high bar Negative Space #1 set, I wasn’t sure how the next issue would go. Thankfully Negative Space #2 is even better than its predecessor. I give it a five out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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