Morning Star

Morning Star

Book III of the Red Rising Trilogy

Morning Star is a force of nature that ebbs and swells with the rolling emotions of an epic tale. This is the third book in the series, so it all comes down to finishing the story and setting the fates of the characters and their world. For readers, the question is whether it’s a good end. Even the best of series can suffer from a weak ending, but thankfully, Pierce Brown nails this one and sends readers off with a superb finish. The adventure of Darrow of Lykos and his compatriots is a thing that captured my interest from beginning to end, and this is certainly one tale worth reading.

“They call me the Morning Star. That star by which griffin-riders and travelers navigate the wastes in the dark months of winter. The last star that disappears when daylight returns in the spring.”

In Morning Star, readers are thrown back into this mystical version of our galaxy. It’s one shaped by advanced technology and a Roman inspired society ruled by social castes and fear. We are thrown into the cell with Darrow who is at the mercy of the Jackal. There is war and adventure on the surface of Mars, on its moons, in the lands of the Obsidians and out on the Rim. From ground battles to space battles, from character struggles to character growth, the story throws readers into emotional turmoil and action. Throughout the 500 plus pages of this sprawling epic, there are moments that will have you fist pumping in the air at their awesomeness, or yelling at the ceiling in despair. I myself was brought to tears not once, but twice, which is quite a rare thing for me and a testament to how engrossing this book is. It not only ensared my imagination, but enraptured my belief. I felt for these character. Each page was another step along their journeys, and with Pierce Brown’s wonderful prose and storytelling, it truly was a difficult book to put down. It’s hard to ask for much more in a book.

For readers of the series, there’s a lot to look forward to in this climatic end to the trilogy. I won’t spoil any of it because it’s too delicious of a thing to be ruined for anyone. Just be safe in knowing that is an awesome end to a great series. For those who have yet to dive in, this is your wake up call. Get them. Read them. Escape, live and be entertained. Each book in this series delivers an outstanding story, each raising the stakes and changing things up. Ultimately Morning Star caps things off with a completely satisfying ending. This is a trilogy that bridges the genres of sci-fi and fantasy with rich characters and even more colorful world building. It’s escapism at its best. Seriously, I couldn’t recommend a better sci-fi trilogy for readers. It’s that good.

When I picked up the first book in the trilogy, I didn’t know what to expect, and surprisingly, reading Morning Star, I wasn’t sure how it was going to end. Brown has a way of keeping readers guessing and on their toes. He doesn’t always do the expected, but in the end, it always makes for a better story. There are surprises to be had in this one, and I think fans will not be disappointed. The only bad thing about it is not having another book to look forward to. On the other hand, it’s great incentive to start all over and read the entire series again.

I give Morning Star a five out of five metal bikinis as it’s a superb ending to an outstanding series.


Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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