Messenger’s Legacy

Messenger’s Legacy is a nice little story that leads into The Skull Throne. It focuses on two characters, Arlen’s old messenger mentor Ragen, and a new character named Briar. They bridge the old novels with the new. Whether you’ve read The Skull Throne already or not, this is one novella you’ll definitely want to pick up.

The story opens with Briar, a young boy out in the sticks. He has a Krasian father and a her gatherer mother. He gets teased by his older siblings and receives guidances from his dad. Readers get a glimpse of his life before he’s touched by the demons.

Breaking off, the story touches base with Ragen on his last trip to Lakton and back before retiring. He comes home to his wife, Arlen, and a life of leisure from the road. As the story flashes forward, we see what becomes of him and his fate ties back to Briar. One last adventure takes him back out into the night. Face-to-face with the demons, Ragen learns first hand what changes Arlen has brought to the world. Unlike his previous messenger days, he now has combat wards.

The story leads into the events of The Skull Throne two fold. One one hand, it reflects the Krasian’s push north. On the other hand, it tells Briar’s tale, a character who pops up in The Skull Throne.

In retrospect, it might be better to read this story before The Skull Throne, but it works either way. Peter V. Brett shows his talent by weaving great characters in a tightly focused story. It packs punch with just 137 pages. For fans of The Demon Cycle series, I highly recommend checking out Messenger’s Legacy. This one is well worth your time and money. I give it a five out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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