Lost Tribe of the Sith: Spiral #2

On the planet Kesh, the Tribe is power.  Human descendants of Sith castaways, the Tribe has ruled the world for centuries, dominating the worshipful Keshiri natives.  The Tribe’s greatest enemy has been itself.  Sith believers cannot cooperate for long.

One such believer, a vandal named Spinner, is captured by the constable Takara.  Takara, too, is a thwarted Sith: although she’s the daughter of the Grand Lord, she is not guaranteed to rise to power.  Seeking independence, Takara stows away on the sailing ship carrying Spinner to exile.  Too late, she discovers it’s an expedition to Kesh’s south pole!

Accidentally thwarting each other’s attempts to escape to warmer climes, Spinner and Takara are saved from execution by the arrival of something no human on Kesh has ever seen: powerful members of offworld species.  As the two rivals learn, the Tribe may rule, but it is not the only power on Kesh…

Synlah: And with that Spiral #2 opens with the Code of the Doomed:

War is a lie
There is no defeat — there is serenity
There is no victory — there is death
Through power I am enslaved
Through the Force I am doomed.

And if that doesn’t grab your interest I don’t know what will.  It certainly grabbed mine.  The next enticing reveal is that the settlement, Eshkrene, that Takara and Spinner are taken to is strong in the dark side, but the dark is not in the people there.  As Takara observes, it’s as if the people are null.  Yet as Takara attempts to escape, she’s overcome by a female who calls herself Kaliska and Takara can sense Kaliska using the Force to capture her.  Kaliska speaks for the Doomed, and she begins to reveal to Spinner and Takara the history of the Doomed.  And now the reveals quickly come one on top of the other.

Corax: We learn that some of the original Dark Jedi and Jedi from 2000 years prior to the Great Hyperspace War crash landed on Kesh and became the basis for the Protectors and Destructors myth, and an ancient Dark Jedi who has ties to a lot of Expanded Universe works is just waiting to be released.

Synlah: Before the True Jedi and Dark Jedi could destroy Kesh, they pulled back from the brink, and reconciled to protect Kesh and the Keshiri.  As Kaliska relates to the two Sith:

In the solitude of Eshkrene the two groups worked to achieve what so often eludes the Jedi Order — true neutrality.  Only a people familiar with both the light and dark sides of the Force could hope to balance both.

Sealing their most devastating weapon and guarding it, the Jedi didn’t abandon the Force, but they used it only to seek wisdom as they sought to atone for nearly destroying Kesh.  Of course Spinner, being a true Sith and a rogue, only has to hear the words “great weapon” before he’s scheming to grab it for the power it will give him.  He has no idea what he’s dealing with, but he does manage to steal the weapon and unleash it.

Corax: I found the inclusion of the Doomed to be incredibly interesting and it is incredibly neat to see even more added to the history of the Lost Tribe.  Learning that these characters were stranded before the Lost Tribe is mind blowing.

Synlah: I agree.  It’s an amazing twist in the story of Kesh and the Lost Tribe.  What’s really interesting is where this story is going to go, and what kind of impact Spiral is going to have on the Lost Tribe since this all happens before the Fate of the Jedi series opens.  I’m definitely hooked on this series now.

One thing I did want to mention is the artwork.  It seems to have improved somewhat from the first issue of Spiral.  While it doesn’t have the detailed smoothness of some more recent Dark Horse series such as Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison or Dawn of the Jedi, the artwork seems appropriate for the almost steampunk world of Kesh and the Lost Tribe.  What seemed almost crude in Spiral #1, works for the rougher setting of Eshkrene.

Corax: I think mind blowing is an understatement.  It shines a brand new look on a group of characters that have played a massive role in the EU since 2009.  It really feels like we’ve only scratched the surface of what the Lost Tribe is capable of, in terms of both story and development.

All in all we give Spiral #2 5 metal bikinis.

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  1. Yes fantastic, but how did Dreypa know that 4000 years had elapsed. Did he have a clock in their with him?

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