Legacy 2: Prisoner of the Floating World #4

Legacy 2 #4

Script: Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman
Art: Gabriel Hardman
Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: Dave Wilkins

Junk dealer Ania Solo has found a battered Imperial communications droid. But instead of bringing her profit, the droid causes Ania and her friends—Sauk, a Mon Calamari ice harvester, and AG-37, an ancient assassin droid—to become the targets of a Sith warrior masquerading as Imperial Knight Yalta Val.  

On the run from the Sith impostor, Ania and company encounter Jao Assam, the real Yalta Val’s apprentice. They team up to locate Master Val, only to be caught in the tractor beam of a Shifalan patrol ship.

Meanwhile, unaware that she is dealing with an impostor, Shifalan Governor Biala aids him with the completion of a vital communications array that will allow her system to communicate beyond the Surd Nebula . . .

The Plot: Ania, Sauk, AG-37 and Jao Assam are taken prisoner.  Ania and Sauk are thrown in the brig along with a deactivated AG-37, while Assam is brought to the array and put in a stasis field.  Governor Biala finally has it with the imposter when he orders the guards to kill Ania and Sauk.  She asserts her authority and protest, but is quickly quelled by a Force choke from the Sith imposter.  Imposter Sith spends some time taunting Jao Assam unaware that Biala is eavesdropping.  After the Sith leaves, she frees Assam and returns his lightsaber, then frees the others at his insistence.  Having figured out how to locate Yalta Val, they head back to their ship, but encounter the Imposter Sith waiting there.  Ignoring Jao Assam’s caution, Ania rushes headlong to confront the Sith.  AG-37 is sliced in two, and Jao Assam is apparently killed and tossed out into space.

The Good: Governor Biala.  Force choking didn’t cow her; it made her determined to get rid of her enemy.  She was smart about it to.  She spied on the Sith, learned what she needed to know, and acted swiftly.

Sauk continues to be a worthy sidekick and better than Ania deserves.

This issue didn’t possess the frenetic pace of its predecessor and was much easier to follow.

The Iffy: The Imposter Sith who does all the usual sith stuff.  You know the drill: taunting, bragging, and choking.  Hello, Captain Obvious.  Not every Sith can be Palpatine, but could we dispense with the stereotypical Sith and layer a little subtlety in there?

I know we’re only four issues in, but this plot makes no sense to me.  Assam wonders why the Sith want the communications array and so do I.  What are they going to do when they get it?  Broadcast insults at Coruscant?

The Bad: I am so over Ania Solo.  The girl’s an idiot.  Everyone else  — any I mean everyone — is smarter than her.  If she’s not going to have smarts, at least give her some charm.  She could use some.  If I was Sauk, I shoot Ania and get outa Dodge.

Another on of those “in your face” panels.  This time I think it spelled out “Ka thoom” — in big bright gold letters.

Destroying AG-37 and killing Jao Assam.  There’s a chance that AG-37 can be patched back together, but I’m pretty sure Jao is dead.  I don’t know any humans who can survive space without a spacesuit.

Conclusion: With each issue, I’m increasingly disenchanted with this series.  I really hope they manage to pull it off in the end because I want to like Star Wars stories.  this comic series, however, is not doing it for me.

I give it three out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed by Geralyn for Roqoo Depot

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