Legacy 2: Prisoner of the Floating World #3

Legacy 2 #3

Script: Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman
Art: Gabriel Hardman
Colors: Rachelle Rosenberg
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: Dave Wilkins

It is a time of fragile peace in the galaxy. A fledgling power-sharing government has risen from the defeat of the One Sith and forged an uneasy triumvirate of the Jedi Council, the Imperial Court, and the remnant Galactic Alliance.

While on a mission to the isolated Carreras System to prove the Triumvirate’s good intentions, Imperial Knight Yalta Val was waylaid by the Sith. Now an impostor has taken Val’s place and is manipulating the system’s governor to suit his own nefarious plans.

When Ania Solo accidentally finds Master Val’s lost lightsaber, she starts a chain reaction that could upset all of the impostor’s plans—making
Ania and her friends targets for elimination.  But a third party is about to enter the fray . . .

The Plot: Ania Solo, Sauk and AG-37 hook up with Imperial Knight Jao Assam, all soon realize that someone’s impersonating Master Yalta Val, and head out together to find him.

Meanwhile the Sith Imposter insists on testing the new communications array which promptly overloads.

The issue concludes with the good guys arriving at the coordinates for Yalta Val which is inside a nebula.  They’re looking for a planet, but find themselves instead caught in a ship’s tractor beam.

The Good:  The characters, particularly AG-37 and Sauk.

As a sidekick, Sauk is the anti-Chewbacca so bonus points for not doing the obvious there.

AG-37 has to be the best assassin droid ever.  He’s right up there with TCW’s Hondo Ohnaka as a character favorite.

Jao Assam also gets bonus points for disobeying a direct order and going out to find Yalta Val anyway.

I’m not sure if the Sith Imposter meant to sabotage the communications array or not, and I like that I’m not sure about that.

The story arc: I like it so far and it’s retaining my interest.

The Iffy: Obvious Sith is obvious: the Imperial Knights are grayer than their Jedi cousins, but this imposter fellow is really broadcasting “Hey, Sith here”.  We even got the obligatory hapless scapegoat Force choke, menacing threat, and cape swirl departure.

I’m starting to get motion sick from the fighting, running, escaping, jumping right back into trouble that our good guys seem to constantly be doing.  I think they need to backpedal a bit on that in favor of some character development.

I already know Ania’s got a talent for getting into and out of trouble.  Show me some other sides to this character.  Show me the Solo charm and not just the impetuous, trigger happy Solo pugnacity.

The artwork: I’m trying, but I’m just not feeling it.  Personal preference and all that, but I wish it was more Legacy 1 or Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison style.

The Bad: An “in your face” panel of Jao Assam and Ania Solo in red tones that spells out the word THOOM.

Please, don’t do that again.

Conclusion: This issue felt like a bridge, setting things up to go from A to B and, for that, it worked, but I think they need to step up their game some.  I’m giving it three and a half out of five bikinis.

Reviewed by Geralyn for Roqoo Depot

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