Lady Mechanika: The Lost Boys of West Abbey No. 1

Lady Mechanika: The Lost Boys of West Abbey No. 1 (of 2)

Creator: Joe Benitez
Writer: M.M. Chen
Pencillers: Joe Benitez and Martin Montiel
Colorist: Peter Steigerwald
Letterer: Michael Heisler
Cover Artists: Joe Benitez and Peter Steigerwald (Cover A), Joe Benitez and Sabine Rich (Cover B pictured above, and Cover D)

Lady Mechanika is back once again for a quick little two issue arc called The Lost Boys of West Abbey. Issue No. 1 opens with the great artwork we’ve come to expect from this outstanding series. There’s the intricate little panel borders, the detailed scenery and characters. But this one quickly gets dark as M.M. Chen’s latest story is unfurled. She does not disappoint.

Wasting no time in throwing readers into the frying pan, this issue plunges us into the depths of darkness. We’re introduced to a monster who experiments on children, transferring their essence into mechanical beings. In the bowels of a gruesome laboratory, the comic shows the grisly process and its failures. It’s a devastating way to ratchet up the drama and suck readers in.

Lady Mechanika catches wind of these dark deeds and goes off to investigate. She finds the lair as well as a detective who is already on the case. They end up joining forces to track down clues and find the guilty party. There’s some fun interaction along the way, as well as some more dark scenes touching on the most sensitive of areas. It’s hard not to feel cold when the story goes to the morgue and beneath the tiny sheets is the victims of this monster. Yet there is perhaps more than one monster at play, as the issue shows a wretched old man who has endeavored this pursuit in hopes of no doubt extending his own selfish life.

The story touches on a lot of notes, most of them very serious and most certainly worthy of attention. It’s a well crafted story with excellent characters, dialog and plotting. Of course it’s made complete by the rich artwork. Joe Benitez and Martin Montiel continue their high standard of quality with exquisite panels and layouts. It’s easily one of the best looking comics out there.

With superb writing and artwork, Lady Mechanika: The Lost Boys of West Abbey No. 1 earns a richly deserved five out of five metal bikinis. It yet again sets the bar for comics.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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