Lady Mechanika Nos. 2 & 3

Lady Mechanika Nos. 2 &3

Writer: Joe Benitez
Artist: Joe Benitez
Colorist: Peter Steigerwald
Letterer: Josh Reed
Cover Artist: Joe Benitez and Peter Steigerwald

Picking up where No. 1 left off, Lady Mechanika Nos. 2 & 3 continues the investigation of the mechanical corpse. Once again I picked up the collected issue which combines issues 2 and 3 into one comic. It’s a hefty issue packed with luscious artwork and more great storytelling. I’m really digging this series so far and issues 2 and 3 did not disappoint.

Continuing the adventures of Lady Mechanika, issues 2 and 3 flesh out her role as an investigator. Along with Mr. Lewis and his contraptions, she hunts down clues to unravel the mystery of the mechanical girl, and hopefully herself. We find out about a mysterious Mr. Cain who people fear to even speak of. We see the redhead from issue 1 come into play. Not only that, but we get backstory, motivations, and kernels of plot development as the lady in question is revealed to be Commander Katherine Winter.

Along the way there is an adventure to the circus, a trip to Mechicon, and lots of mystery and action. It’s quite surprising just how well the story, characters and artwork are in this series. There’s no shortage of attention to any aspect of the comic. It’s as much a visual splendor as a joy for the mind as the layers are peeled back and revealed for the characters. But really gets me is the mystery element. At its heart, it’s more of a detective story than anything else. And what better way to enjoy a detective story than a fantastical steampunk tale?

I have to give high mark to the creators of this comic. They leave no stone unturned as they deliver the best steampunk detective comic you could ask for. I give Lady Mechanika Nos. 2 & 3 a five out of five metal bikinis. It’s simply outstanding.

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