Knights of the Old Republic: War #5

Writer: John Jackson Miller
Penciller: Andrea Mutti
Inker: Pierluigi Baldassini
Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
Letterer: Michael Heisler
Cover Artist: Benjamin Carré

As the cover says, this is “the final battle!” Zayne versus Dorjander Kace. Winner take all. Yet the final issue in Knights of the Old Republic: War still has a few surprises in store. A little bit of the old times seep back into the story, and John Jackson Miller delivers a lot of closure.

There weren’t very many surprises in the art, and for the most part, this issue was driven by the plot. Still, with visual storytelling, the pictures are always important. Most of this issue takes place on Dantooine and the setting their is very bright and serene. It’s a placid setting of greenery and blue skies. Then the Mandos show up. A few explosions, some lightsaber fights, all well done with some nice coloring. A lot of the facial close ups use heavy shadowing which sometimes works good and sometimes seems to be in the way. Overall there’s a certain simpleness to the art. While it’s not impressive in comparison to some comics, it works okay.

The story moves right along and well past the point of where I thought it would end. Dorjander and Zayne have their duel and the battle for Dantooine involves the usual hijinks and action. However the resolution was rather interesting. In retrospect, I’d say it was a nice touch as it provides some variety to what we usually see, and a good bit of realism. It was definitely in keeping with the characters and I liked it, even though it sacrificed a bit of action and drama to do it. A bold move, but I think it worked.

Yet the story doesn’t stop there. After the battle for Dantooine is ended, the story moves on for some resolution for Zayne. After all, he started this whole journey as a simple trip to visit his family back home. For this, I give huge kudos to John Jackson Miller. The story was missing a little something, and this was just what was needed. But surprise surprise, the story still goes on.

KOTOR: War #5 ends on one final note that sets up Zayne for the next chapter in his life. The war isn’t over. Now, unlike before, he’s found a place for himself in this battle and he has a goal. For the sake of his family and all others, the war needs to end and the faster the better.

I loved the closure this issue brought to the arc. I also really enjoyed how the characters stayed true to themselves. Combined with the bold paths this issue took, I’d say KOTOR: War #5 achieved something special. I give it a 4 out of 5 metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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  1. I haven’t been following this series closely, since I don’t much care for the original series. I did look through it, and was rather disturbed at the comment at the end about a girlfriend being the reward for a male adventurer…

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