Knight Errant: Deluge #5

Writer: John Jackson Miller
Penciller: David Daza
Inker: Sergio Abad
Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
Letterer: Michael Heisler
Cover Artist: Joe Quinones

With Zodoh preparing to attack Lord Daiman’s capital Darkknell, Kerra finds herself yet again coming to the rescue of subjugated Sith citizens in Deluge #5. But this time Jenn Devaad is by her side. It all begins with another announcement from one of Daiman’s statues. Alas his proclamation that all is well doesn’t cut it when tidal waves are trying to drown everyone and lightning is coming down like rain. Even Daiman finds himself in trouble. He becomes so enraged that both eyes turn yellow. Add to it a space battle, a Hutt duel, and a nice twist for Zodoh, and there’s plenty of action to go around. There’s also a good amount of humor tossed in. All around the story was top notch and a perfect ending for the arc.

That said, the interior art was disappointing. There weren’t very many detailed shots. There were some particularly spectacular scenes that received glossed over attention. There were a few detailed face shots, and even some nice closeups. However, even those panels were overshadowed by the inconsistencies of Devaad and Holt’s faces. Every picture of them looks different. The only real consistency is their hair and clothing. It would be great if they could just keep the faces similar like a real person. Instead, their images are constantly re-envisioned with differing portrayals.

The many faces of Kerra Holt, all from Deluge #5.

In the end, the story earns a five out of five bikinis, the art a two and a half out of five, for an average of about three metal bikinis overall. Deluge was a good read, but an average comic for visuals. The constant change of style in the artwork makes it hard to stay invested in the series. Hopefully, this issue can be corrected in the future. I’d love to see a good art team stick with the series and fully compliment the stories to their full potential.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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