Knight Errant: Deluge #4

Writer: John Jackson Miller
Penciller: Iban Coello
Inker: Sergio Abad
Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
Letterist: Michael Heisler
Cover Artist: Joe Quinones

Kerra’s hard work finally pays off in Deluge #4 as others begin to find the will to fight back. Left in dire straights in the last issue, it’s once again up to Kerra to save the day and this time she has an entire planet drowning in a great flood. Meanwhile Zodoh the Hutt is showing just how ruthless and cunning he can be. Aquilaris will not be the only world to suffer from onslaught of his stormdrivers, and his next target is none other than Lord Daiman’s capital. Zodoh does not dream small. Yet as much as I loved Zodoh’s development, this issue was not without flaws.

Here's example of a Kerra shot which I thought looked pretty bad.

And another bad shot.

This one, however, was a good shot.

There were a couple big problems, one of them being the artwork. Deluge #4 hit me as the visually weakest issue in the entire Knight Errant series. Part of that can be blamed on the atmosphere and set up of the story. It’s hard to do a lot with various flood scenes and people scrabbling for safety. Yet it shouldn’t be a complete dead-end. Images of a planet being wiped out by a global flood should afford for at least a few cool panels of destruction. When the scenery shifted to space, most of the attention was on a dialogue between Zodoh and Devaad. Again, not the best sequence for some stellar scenes, but it shouldn’t have been as bad as it was. There were opportunities to really show Zodoh soaking up the glory of the moment. There were also ample opportunities, and some attempts, to show Devaad’s emotional range.  However, the artwork came off plain, awkward, and cartoonish in the majority of the panels. Perhaps it’s merely my personal preference in art styles, but the visuals in this issue fell flat for me.

And here is one of the other good shots. I really liked this one too. Wish the others wouldn't have been so bad.

This is an interesting shot because it leans toward cartoonish, but I actually like it. Kerra's face changes ALOT in this series. Sometimes it looks good, sometimes it doesn't. Yet with all the changes, it's nearly impossible to establshing any firm image of what Kerra 'really' looks like.

Bad artwork aside, the story had some nice points to it. Kerra finally motivates the people on Aquilaris to do something. Devaad gets herself straightened out with Zodoh and begins to find a new place in things. But the big payout was Zodoh. His game play of the stormdrivers and his revelations on what he plans on doing with them next really shows the depth of his ambition. This is not a Jabba the Hutt content on running a crime empire. Zodoh wants to rule Sith space, and if the Sith don’t play nice, he’s fully prepared to take advantage of their technical inadequacies to force them into playing ball. Storywise, I’m really loving the gall of this Hutt. He’s either a complete idiot for declaring war against Sith Lords, or supremely bold risk taker. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a Hutt show so much courage, regardless of whether it’s fueled by greed or stupidity.

Here you can see Zodoh laying down his scheme-work. As much as I loved his plotting, Zodoh really fell flat visually. The shot of him on his thrown would have been a great detailed shot, but instead we get a plain one. In the close up we see a stunning Neimoidian, but Zodoh just doesn't look right.

Another good thing that came out of Deluge #4 is a promise for a change in scenery. With things taken care of on Aquilaris, everyone looks to be in route to Darkknell. Taking into consideration the weak artwork, but decent story, I have to give Deluge #4 a simply 3 out of 5 metal bikinis. Deluge #5 will have a new penciller, so I’m hopeful that we might get a bump up in the art department for the final issue in this arc. I’d love to see some good panels of Daiman back in action, or even some nice shots of Zodoh that make him look less cartoonish.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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