Knight Errant: Deluge #3

Writer: John Jackson Miller
Penciller: Iban Coello
Inker: Sergio Abad
Colorist: Michael Atiyeh
Letterer: Michael Heisler
Cover Artist: Joe Quinones

Knight Errant: Deluge #3 kicks off on Darkknell once again with Lord Daiman. This is worth particular note because so far all three issues of Deluge have had Daiman appear on page one, either in person or hologram. It has a nice consistency to it and gives artists Iban Coello, Sergio Abad, and Michael Atiyeh an opportunity to show off Daiman’s wild, mismatched eyes. The story covers a lot of ground in this issue, and also reveals a few plot points. John Jackson Miller deepens Jenn Devaad’s character, but also sends Kerra back to square one.

The art here in issue 3 is pretty good overall. Iban Coello continues his style from the last issue, and along with Michael Atiyeh, there are some more colorful space scenes. There are also a lot of nice face shots of the characters. Daiman, Kerra, Jenn, and others all receive some good detail close-ups that show significant emotion. Some of the panels of Kerra and Jenn in their starfighter cockpits really stood out. It allowed the artists to focus on the expressions on the character’s faces or extreme close-ups of their eyes, something we really haven’t seen for a while in this series. There were two panels of a male pilot in Devil Squadron that did catch me off guard though. It’s a good picture of his face, but the emotion seemed wrong. Normally you’d expect someone in his place to look fearful or alarmed, but he oddly looked pleased. Not sure what the artist was trying to convey there, but it seemed off. That aside, I thought this issue included some of the best portrayals of Kerra we’ve seen yet. Not every panel was great, but there were a ton of good ones.

The story itself drove hard on an emotional level as the battle between Devil Squadron and Zodoh played out. Kerra once again finds herself having to take it upon herself to save everyone with no one to rely upon. One of the interesting turns was how Jenn Devaad’s character was more fully developed into a person with flaws, motivations, and fears. At this point she’s a very interesting character and I hope John keeps her around beyond the Deluge arc. I’d like to see what her character could grow into. It would make a nice alternate viewpoint to follow on in the series or even a novel.

It seems having Daiman on page one isn't the only trademark in the series. Deluge #3 also has the required bum shot, only this time it isn't Kerra.

With the nice artwork and plot development, I give Deluge #3 four out of five metal bikinis. The next issue will once again have Iban Coello doing the pencils, but this will be his last issue in the arc. Deluge #5 will have another shift in artists with David Daza as the new penciller.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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