Knight Errant: Aflame #2

Writer: John Jackson Miller

Cover Artist: Joe Quinones

Interior Art by: Federico Dallocchio and Michael Atiyeh

Aflame Part 2 continues with the same great photorealistic art that debuted in issue one. It also continues to express heavy emotion in the characters’ faces, most notably the eyes. The fact that eyes play a strong visual role in this issue is due in part to Daiman stealing the show. As the Sith Lord and brother to Lord Odion, Daiman has a startling pair of offcolored eyes. One eye is a Sithy yellow, the other ice blue. Some of the panels do a beautiful job giving him a sinister look that only gets more eerie as both of them go yellow.

But Daiman is not the only one whose eyes deserve attention. A brief look at a young Kerra Holt really caught my attention at just how much emotion the artist was able to convey. Not only do the eyes catch the shell shocked emotion of a child whose world has just been torn apart, but they actually reflect the devastation around her with a touch of flame. In another panel there is the piercing gaze of girl looking up with just hint of defiance and strength focused in her gaze.

Nevertheless, this issue was a big exposition of the splendor and pomp that is Daiman. His entrance is adorn in gold armor, the sunlight highlighting him as he strikes a pose, and with his benevolent offer to the wounded and dying on the battlefield…a gift of a new statue of himself. To truly illustrate the grandeur that is Daiman, one need look no further than the panel where he leisurely tortures a prisoner while reclining on a comfy sofa. He even manages to look bored while doing it.

The transition to this issue showed an improvement in the story, which might just be a reflection of the strength of the story building, given enough length. There was a good dose of anticipation, as well some answers, like what that machine was in issue one (Kinetic Corruptor). Plus, there are more weapons of mass destruction revealed with The Spike and Daiman’s Mobile Munitions Complexes. In the vein of the old KOTOR game, weapons of mass production are all the craze. But beyond the new technology, and the heavy focus on Daiman, Kerra continues to play her part as she seamlessly adapts to any situation to find new direction. It’s refreshing to have a Jedi who has little hesitation. Yet she is far from the perfect Jedi. Time after time she gets distracted by her anger though there is never any hint of the dark side.

All and all it’s a good follow up to issue one. The story and the characters fit together well and are further brought to life by the contrasts between them. There is the contrast between Gorlan and Vannar, who in a way is carried on through Kerra. On the one hand, Gorlan seeks to focus on the small picture and does his best to not create waves or draw attention. He is the one who gives up in order to live. Then there is Vannar who decides to go after the big picture, to take action even if it means to die fighting. But with Kerra following in his footsteps, there is the question of just how far down Vannar’s path will she go?

There is one odd thing about issue two that should be pointed out, and that’s the cover. For some reason it has Odion on it even though he’s not even in this issue.

Regardless, I give Aflame #2 four out of five brass bikinis.

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