Knight Errant: Aflame #1

Writer: John Jackson Miller

Cover Artist: Joe Quinones/Dave Ross

Interior Art by: Federico Dallocchio, Mark Kenna, and Michael Atiyeh

Aflame Part 1 is in sum total an introduction to Jedi Knight Kerra Holt, her Master Vannar Treece, Lord Odion, and the mysterious Gorlan Palladane, a raid on a baradium world, and a few significant events that set the series in motion. The artwork and panels are very character centric and focused, with many of them having a nice photo realistic quality (which differs immensely from the Joe Quinones’ cover). There are a lot of close-ups of the characters’ faces, almost like a Sergio Leone film, and it does add a strong visual emphasis on character emotion. At several points the dialog actually forces the reader to stop and look at the visual cues on the character’s faces.

Altogether it’s a good combination to kick off the series. However, it does raise a lot of questions providing plenty of fuel for the curious reader. Strange looking ships reminiscent of the ancient Sith’s old dreadnaughts and a glimpse of whispy four winged Sith starfighters…a large Sith super weapon capable of mass destruction, but without a name…and a Sith Lord who goes on about the “purity of nothingness,” something akin to Darth Nihl or Lord Cronal…all of entices the reader to plunge forward in search of more.

Unlike the Knights of the Old Republic comics starring Zayne Carrick, Knight Errant is less humorous and has an edgy feel more along the lines of the Legacy comics. Like Cade Skywalker, Kerra Holt is not your typical Jedi. Yet this is not because she renounces the Jedi to become a bounty hunter or because she has a nasty drug habit. Kerra stands apart because she is much more emotional than what we typically see from Jedi. In a way, she is a lot like Anakin, but without the looming threat of falling to the dark side.

Overall I give Aflame #1 three out of five brass bikinis.

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