Kanan – The Last Padawan #4

Kanan – The Last Padawan #4

Writer: Greg Weisman
Artist: Pepe Larraz
Colorist: David Curiel
Cover Artist: Mark Brooks

In Kanan – The Last Padawan #4, we see Kanan and Kasmir’s partnership persevere despite the odds. Yet that doesn’t keep them from being on the run. Hot on their heels are the clonetroopers Grey and Styles. As old faces turn up, Kanan seeks a new opportunity to run, only to have it come crashing to a halt. In the end, you can’t always run away, and old habits die hard.

Greg Weisman does a good job with the story in this issue. It pushes the characters forward, keeps the action and excitement going, and tosses in some mild surprises. All in all it’s a good comic and fun to read. I liked how Kasmir came around to help Kanan out even after ratting on him. I also like how Kanan is still struggling to deal with the demons of his past and old habits. He’s slowly becoming a gray character who makes a living on the wrong side of the law, but he’s very much a person dipping their toes into the water. It’s nice to see that progression.

The artwork is also solid. It’s a bit cartoony, but it never comes off as a fast job lacking it detail or quality. It captures the emotions of the character as well as the environments. Scenes featuring exotic fish swimming in the ocean, intriguing cellmates in neighboring prison cells, or an old 2-1B droid in a pile of scrap all add a level of depth to the scenery. The last panel really captures the dramatic tension, yet spread out within there’s some serious levity. My one gripe was the panel were Kanan does a doubletake on finding out there’s a ship for a reward. That one looked really off and strange. Otherwise the artwork was very good with some great coloring.

At issue number four, the series is maintaining steam at perhaps hitting a groove. We’re seeing Kanan grow up before our eyes as he slowly changes from a padawan to a criminal. It’s an interesting journey and hopefully it’ll continue long enough to help bridge the gap between the Kanan we saw in A New Dawn.

I give Kanan – The Last Padawan #4 a solid four out of five metal bikinis. It’s a fun comic and worth checking out.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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