Jinnrise #10

Jinnrise #10

Writer: David Liss
Script Assist: Sohaib Awan
Artist: Andrew Huerta
Colorist: Francisco Perez
Letterer: Ed Brisson
Cover Artists: Eduardo Ramirez Viera (normal cover), Sajad Shah (variant cover)

Jinnrise #10 is the moment fans of the series have been waiting for. Up to this point, the journey has been to unite a group of companions in a quest to free the world from alien invaders. Their hope lay with the prospect of the jinn. Yet the time has come for them to make a choice. Do they fight the Kibrani with what they have or risk trusting the jinn completely and freeing them all to fight? After all, they were imprison in the first place for their mistreatment of humankind. Will their reign on Earth be any better than the Kibrani?

The Kibrani invaders.

The cover is a good indicator of the beautiful artwork inside. The regular cover by Eduardo Ramirez Viera shows off three of the jinn with spectacular colors, crisp lines and gorgeous characters. Inside, Andrew Huerta and Francisco Perez handle the interior panels with equal care. There are a lot of great battle scenes and one truly magnificent shot of the jinn army being unleashed. They come in every color, shape and size. The build up to that moment, all ten issues, is totally worth it. Yet the art is that much more profound by the expert use of much simpler panels for contrast. There’s no over saturation of colors. Instead, they’re used to add punch where needed and they stand out all the more for it.

The opening panel and first page of Jinnrise #10.

For example, the first panel in the issue is a plain black silhouette of the land with a nicely painted sky. It’s simple but effective. Following it are flashback scenes with subdued coloring, setting them apart. Later on, there’s another night scene with dark landscapes, the shadow of a camel and a glowing spaceship on the horizon. Further on, there’s a battle scene between the Kibrani, a struggle between shadows, that breaks up the artwork and changes the intensity of the visuals. These breaks are spaced out among the more colorful panels involving jinn. Then there’s the impressive full page shot of part of the jinn army being unleashed. Ten glorious jinn displayed in intricate detail, color and design. It’s a visual feast.

The shadow battle between the Kibrani.

The army of jinn.

The panels that follow are smaller in size, but taken as a whole, just as impressive. There are battles, victory and peace scenes. It’s a great, emotional ending told through the art as much as the dialog and narration.

I’m not sure where the series will go from here, but with these first ten issues, they’ve done a great job. I’d easily recommend Jinnrise to any comic reader looking to try something new. If the idea of genies fighting aliens for the fate of Earth sounds interesting, then I can tell you this series delivers. It has action, great character moments and an intriguing story. Jinnrise #10 pulls off a satisfying ending to this part of the story while still leaving room for more tales to follow. The art is top notch, the characters reach their ends and victory is won. I give it an outstanding five out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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