Invasion: Revelations #4

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Colin Wilson
Colorist: Wes Dzioba
Cover Artist: Chris Scalf

Invasion: Revelations #4 kicks off with a bang right from the start. Artist Chris Scalf created an absolutely gorgeous cover worthy of a Star Wars X-Wing novel, and very similar in style to Dave Seeley. But the art doesn’t stop there. Inside, Colin Wilson captures a Borsk Feyla quibbling in fear, war torn battlefields, and lots of action. Writer Tom Taylor mirrors the action with a twisting, turning story that accentuates the suspense. Revelations #4 goes a long way toward progressing the building storylines into an exciting adventure that leaves readers with a shocking end and just one more issue in the arc.

An excellent illustration of an X-Wing in action.

There are some really nice battle scenes throughout this issue. Things begin with the tense showdown between Fyn and Borsk Fey’lya on Coruscant, but quickly flip back to the battle on Shramar. A blurred three-panel, full page layout intersects various areas of the battle in space with some images changing in each scene while others remain stationary. Later on there is a two page battle laid out with highlighted subpanels showing off the grim, personal battles, while an X-wing flies overhead marching AT-AT’s and hundreds of stormtroopers engaging the Vong. Each highlight shows the violence from varying perspectives. In one, an Imperial officer is gasping in pain, another shows a Vong slaying a foe, while others show the stormtroopers being skewered by amphistaffs. The coloring complements the details perfectly for some really beautiful shots.

A glimpse of the battlefields inside.

Not to be overshadowed, Tom cranks the story up a notch with some nice sudden turns in the story. Each time he plunges the reader into a scene with just enough to ensnare their interest, then he breaks the story to a different plot line. Fyn’s adventure on Coruscant is played against the battle on Shramar. Both threads creating a tension and excitement that works hand-in-hand. Is Fyn going to kill Borsk Fey’lya? Bam. Scene switches to Shramar where a Frozian reporter is boldly calling out the action and begging for the attention of the greater galaxy, daring to wake them up to the threat that opposes them all. Bang. Scene switches again to space where starfighters and spaceships are locked in vicious battle. Again and again the scenes shift from one action point to another, slowly progressing in each and always leaving the reader suspended in the drama but diving into another enjoyable page right up until the end.

Come on Fyn. For the sake of all those countless hours of reading about this one utterly resilient, cowardly Bothan in the NJO, just do it, Fyn!

But to what end does Revelations #4 lead to? Can Fyn convince Fey’lya there’s a traitor on Coruscant? Can Nina convince Admiral Bylsma to work together in order to defeat the Vong? Those answers might entice readers, but there are deeper questions lurking. Regardless, the only way to find them is to check the issue out for yourself. This is the best issue I’ve seen so far in this arc, and I give it a well deserved five out of five metal bikinis. If Tom and Colin Wilson can keep it up, Revelations #5 should prove to be another great chapter in this series.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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