Invasion: Revelations #3

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Colin Wilson
Colorist: Wes Dzioba
Cover Artist: Chris Scalf

Revelations #3 continues the adventure with a heavy dose of spaceships and a decent amount of posturing. Although the issue is light on action, it does a good job of transitioning from one action heavy issue to another (assuming the next issue is loaded with action, which judging by the ending of #3, is safe to assume). While Nina and Faye set-up the remaining Imperials, and whatever portions of the New Republic that are willing to help, for a large scale evacuation/planetary defense, Finn is still getting into trouble on Coruscant with Chief of State Borsk Fey’lya. Through the pages, Colin Wilson delivers his usual array of good artwork with a few gems tucked in.

But the first thing that struck me was the cover. It’s gorgeous. The beautifully drawn cover by Chris Scalf captures not only the alieness of Nina, but also the startled, confused emotions of Kaye. Imagine a daughter finding out her mother is an alien. On top of that, she’s part of a ruthless species that is bent on enslaving and conquering the galaxy. Scalf blends the alien features of the Yuuzhan Vong with a touch of human just barely noticeable. If you look closely, you’ll notice Nina’s long blond hair and the frill of her dress around her shoulders. Meanwhile the emotion is evident on Kaye’s face. She is looking into the face of a monster and struggling to see her mother in those beady eyes. The artistic style of the picture conveys both detail, rich colors, and deep expression.

Inside the comic there were a few panels by Colin Wilson and Wes Dzioba that really caught my eye. First off was the juxtapositioned page where Nina is speaking to one of the Admirals of the New Republic while Tsavong Lah is speaking to Tsalok. Each panel on the page mirrors the other with different characters in the same positions. However the dialog and purpose of each conversation is very different. Whereas Nina is asking for help, Tsavong Lah is commanding Tsalok to finish things off. It’s a subtle trick because it uses the symmetry of the panels to convey another layer of importance. What would be just a simple page of conversations becomes something more interesting and meaningful. It begs the reader to pay closer attention and to look for deeper meanings and word plays.

Equally crafted is a two page holotransmission from Admiral Bylsma. The spread centers Bylsma in the middle while a series of panels surrounds him. Across the top are four panels that focus on the people he’s contacting for help which include a heavyset female Mon Calamari, a Sullustan, an old Iridonian with a Gamorrean, and some New Republic officers. Arrayed across the bottom, the panels focus on each being’s ship which includes: a Republic Destroyer, a pirate ship, a cargo ship, and a Defender-class Star Destroyer. Yet the ships and the crews don’t match up which leaves the reader guessing who goes with what. Personally I had some fun spending some time looking for clues to determine which ship I thought belonged to what crew.

Along with all the other art, there's also some nice images of Fey'lya.

One of my favorite pictures was an image of the Heart of Artorias looming over AT-AT’s and TIE’s. The piece was not only detailed and colorful, but is was also impressive in showing the respective size of the vehicles.

There are also several panels showing the gathered armada of New Republic and freelance vessels as they race to help Shramar. These panels showcase various craft from familiar A-wings and B-wings to unfamiliar freighters and frigates. To top it all off the issue ends with a cliff hanger space battle which promises an action packed series of panels in the next issue.

Aside from the art, the story was pretty much a well played set-up for the next issue. Pieces and people were positioned for the upcoming space battle. A few new characters were introduced. A few new ships revealed. Mostly it dealt with the events on Shramar with Nina and Faye, but there was a short interruption midway through with Finn. For Finn’s part there was some action, and it tied in with Shramar, but there was also an odd cliff hanger there which hinted at a very abrupt and shocking reaction from Finn. Alas readers will have to wait and see what comes of it in the next issue.

Overall the artwork was solid and the storytelling continued to weave an intricate adventure together. Five out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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