Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Three #1

Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Three #1

Writer: Tom Taylor
Layouts: Bruno Redondo
Inks and Finishes: Xermanico and Vicente Cifuentes
Colorists: J. Nanjan and Rex Lokus
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Cover Artist: Neil Googe and Rex Lokus

Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Three #1 is a game changer. While Superman and Sinestro are still waging war against the Green Lantern Corps, Batman has gained a new ally. Joining the fray is Constantine. With all the superpowers in play, Constantine adds a touch of magic and the supernatural. It adds a different feel to the series.

Now I’ve never read a Constantine comic, so he’s not a character I’m familiar with. From what we see in this issue, he’s British, not afraid to manipulate demons to his own purposes, and a guy with balls and brains. He may be just the ally Batman needs.

Along for the ride is Detective Chimp. Now while I’ve never read a Constantine comic, I’ve still heard of the character. I’ve never heard of Detective Chimp. And after reading this issue, I’m not quite sure what I think of him.

Visually, this issue has a very comicy style to the illustration with a little less polish and little more grit. It works well, especially for the introduction of Constantine. The layouts do a great job of presenting the characters and the story, focusing on just the right elements to push the flow of action and emotions. The smaller panel don’t skimp on detail, adding a nice, seamless progression from panel to panel. The coloring fits in perfectly and really shines when Constantine heads to hell to speak with a demon. It’s a great looking comic.

In this issue, Tom Taylor brings together a large cast of characters for a smart story with a few laughs and some poignant observations. He nails Constantine as a unique character with a distinctive voice. It’s a character I’m intrigued by and who I want to know more about. Combined with the excellent artwork throughout, this is a solid issue. I give Injustice Gods Among Us: Year Three #1 a five out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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