I Hate Fairyland #7

I Hate Fairyland #7

Writer/Artist/Cover Artist: Skottie Young
Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Letterer: Nate Piekos

Okay, quick note before diving into the review proper, but one of things I really love about I Hate Fairyland are the little snippets we get before and after the main story. In these little intro’s and teasers, Skottie Young gives us a peek at the creative process and sometimes just goes for pure wit. This issue kicks off with a rather memorable intro.

Once Upon A Last Issue…

Gert was queen for while, she was really bad at it, and then she started keeping her pee in bottles. It’s safe to say things didn’t really work out too well on that front. What? Well, yes, there is a lot more that happened between the coronation ceremony and the bottles of pee. That’s called a story and you’ll have to go read it. You know, in the last issue. If you didn’t read it, stop now and go do so. Or don’t. Read this first, then go read the last issue and see if it still makes sense. Maybe it’s some sort of super secret way of reading comics and you yourself will get transported to Fairyland as a result. Let me know.

That there is just absolutely hilarious. It pokes fun at pushing readers to go back and read the previous issue by inviting them to go ahead and read this one and embrace the confusion. It’s a perfect example of Skottie Young’s knack for humor. Heck, he brings a smile to your face before the story even begins. That’s talent.

I Hate Fairyland #7 has no shortage of laughs. From beginning to end, there’s humor to be found. With her reign as queen over, Gert is now back on track to find her way out of Fairyland hell. The key is secretly hinted on the cover. The question is what do dragons and an outhouse have to do with Gert getting home? The answer is pretty much guaranteed to make you laugh.

The issue opens with a boy in the real world on Halloween. He’s dressed as a dragon and on a mission to try every flavor of some sweet drink called Fairy-Freezy. Unfortunately for him, he’s on the fast track to Fairyland and just one magical outhouse portal away. Meanwhile in Fairyland, Gert has a hot lead on how to escape her fanciful purgatory. There’s a collector with a device that can jump worlds. However, just like every other mission she’s ever gone on, there’s always a catch. This one will make you laugh out loud.

As the real world and the fantasy world collide, this issue just dives into hilarity. Seven issues in, Skottie Young shows no signs of slowing down, running out of humor, or lacking great story ideas. This one is just as entertaining and funny as any that have come before it.

The artwork is also top notch. The bright, beautiful colors make the panels pop off the page and hidden throughout are all kinds of little artistic gems. The first panel has a figure that looks like a kid dressed up as Darth Vader for Halloween, a nice little touch that made my inner Star Wars geek squee. There’s even a nod to How to Train Your Dragon. But other details are just easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. Amidst the collector’s collection are all kinds of toys, including a one-eyed Spongebob. In the magic van, or perhaps it’s a magic bus and a nod to a song by The Who, there’s a container between the seats for the fuel that makes the van work. I didn’t catch it until my second read through, but it looks like a nod to the flux capacitor in Back to the Future. Every page is full of detail and there are fun references all over the place. But sometimes the hidden details are just things that make the artwork funnier. For instance, when the kid gets full from the slushies and has to use the bathroom, his eyes are brimming with a yellow fluid, thus emphasizes just how bad he has to pee. Little things like that just add to the artwork, and in turn, make the story that much better.

I can honestly say I Hate Fairyland #7 is the funniest comic book I’ve read this year. With outstanding artwork, a great story and delightful humor, this a comic that’s perfect for adults still nurturing that inner child. I give it a five out of five metal bikinis for a job well done.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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