I Hate Fairyland #6

I Hate Fairyland #6

Writer, Artist, Cover Artist: Skottie Young
Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Letterer: Nat Piekos

I Hate Fairyland #6 kicks off their second arc as Gertrude learns to deal with the weight of the crown. Ruling Fairyland is no easy matter. Unfortunately for its inhabitants, Gert doesn’t have a lot of patience, skill or luck when it comes to ruling. Will Fairyland roll over and die under Gert’s leadership? Will she save the day with her awesome powers of doom? Or is there something behind door number three?

Breaking tradition, no narrators die in the opening of this issue. Instead, we get a gladiator fight between a big burly green thing in armor and a cute little ping bear with wings. Or maybe that was a vicious looking beast with soulless black eyes, pointy fangs and ravenous little claws. Either way, it leads to carnage and kicks off the fun.

With the first three pages, you have to hand it to Skottie Young and Jean-Francois Beaulieu for putting out such fantastic visuals. Without dialog, its easy to follow along and understand what’s going on. The artwork is gorgeous with its cutesyness splashed with blood and violence. The colors bring it to vivid life with their brightness and perfectly chosen color palettes. It’s a feast for the eyes and one of the major selling points of the series. Even the cover looks great.

Of course there is dialog and a story to boot. Skottie Young doesn’t skimp there, either, however he does bring some surprises. The comic opens with a gladiator match and a nod to Game of Thrones. There’s even a glimpse of Gert as a badass Queen of Fairyland. But these are not the things that come to be. Instead, they are the things that could have been. What we really get is the sad, boring reality that comes with any position of supreme authority: supreme paperwork.

The good news is that Gert isn’t one to get saddled with such a sad fate and to stick with it. After seeing the awesomeness that could have been, and then seeing the dreariness of what would actually follow, we get good old door number three. From point A to point B, there’s laughs and fun even in Gert’s miserableness. In the end, it all leads to her freedom and further adventures for the reader that don’t involve Gert being stuck on a throne. Everyone wins.

With amazing artwork and a fantastic story, I Hate Fairyland #6 gets right back into the groove as this series continues to shine. We get a taste of what could have been with Queen Gertrude without getting saddled with a bunch of mediocre stories or issues focusing on other characters. Who knows what’s next for Gert, but as is, I give this issue a five out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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