Hexed is the second novel in the Iron Druid Chronicles series and Kevin Hearne landed a solid one-two punch with it. Just like Hounded, there’s a lot of humor weaved into the story. Yet Kevin keeps it fresh with a subtle change or two. The Irish gods step aside to reveal a deadly coven of German witches.

The transition between Hounded and Hexed was very seamless. We still get Atticus mingling with his Irish deities, but other characters begin stepping into the forefront. The demons that were previously released from Hell now become a problem that has to be dealt with. The Tempe wolf pack is still around and just as active, but Leif the Nordic vampire gets a much more substantial role. Atticus’ new apprentice Granuaile gets plenty of page time, but the biggest change is with a different female force: the witches.

Now there was some witch action in Hounded but they really gain steam in Hexed. Atticus allies with Malina and her coven, calls on a favor from the Indian witch Laksha, and has to face off against some evil witches invading on his territory. They call themselves die Tochter des Dritten Hauses. They’re deadly, brutal, and have a history with both Atticus and Malina’s coven. In an interesting bit of storytelling, Kevin ties in World War II. From Atticus’ stent in France ferrying Jews to freedom in Spain, to Malina’s efforts in Bulgaria against Nazi Germany. For a history buff like me, I thought it was a cool touch.

Beyond witches, there’s a lot of fun stuff in the story. Atticus teams up with Coyote, the trickster god of the Navajo, to hunt down a fallen angel. Leif pesters Atticus to help him kill Thor because in this world “Thor’s an asshat.” Meanwhile Oberon goes on a hippy trip against “the man” and there’s a blood bath when a group of Bacchants show their devious natures in an orgy turned abattoir.

Encompassing all the enjoyment of the first novel, Hexed keeps it going without any hiccups. In fact, I thought the action scenes were a little better in this book. With all the humor, action, and entertaining characters, I was thoroughly satisfied as a reader. This is another knockout, five out of five metal bikini novel that I highly recommend. But now I’m wondering, will Atticus really have to kill Thor? I kind of hope so because I’m sure it would be fun.

Now I’m off to read Hammered in order to find out.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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