Grand Moff Tarkin #1

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion – Grand Moff Tarkin #1

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Marc Laming
Colorist: Jordan Boyd, and Neeraj Menon
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Cover Artists: Terry and Rachel Dodson

Age of Rebellion – Grand Moff Tarkin #1 explores the character in a story that doesn’t really add much to the Star Wars universe. If you haven’t read the novel Tarkin by James Luceno, then this issue might show you a side of Tarkin you’ve never seen before, but for those who have read the book, it’s nothing new. To be honest, I’m not sure what the writer was going for with this one.

The issue opens on Eriadu with a flashback I suppose. There’s no context on when the opening scenes take place, but the coloring is diluted to give the readers a clue that this is the past or a memory. It shows a very young Tarkin running through the jungle from some blue tiger creatures. I’m not sure if they’re suppose to be Veermoks or not because Veermoks were suppose to be fanged primates, like gorillas. It’s possible the artist got the depiction wrong, or perhaps they’re a different animal. Either way, they tear into Tarkin pretty brutally. The comic then jumps forward to some point in between Rogue One and A New Hope during a simulation firing exercise for the Death Star. The practice run fails as some gunners didn’t perform their routines correctly. This leads to a weird what if scene where Tarkin day dreams about taking off his shirt, showing off his scars, and murdering a gunner whose only scar is on his knee from playing grav ball. First off, seeing a shirtless old Tarkin is odd. Secondly, the reader doesn’t know the whole scene is a day dream until after a panel of Tarkin stabbing the guy to death. Regardless, Tarkin comes back to his senses and just warns them all to do their jobs. From there, the story jumps to when they blow up Alderaan. Afterwards, Tarkin finds all the gunners who hesitated and sends them out into space to die. The comic ends with a page and a half of panels with no text. The final moments just showing Tarkin relaxing in his room with his knife and loosening up his jacket. It’s rather anti-climatic.

So here’s the thing – what’s the point? We already knew Tarkin was ruthless. We’ve seen him get his hands dirty in the books, and the animated shows. Seemingly the point of this story was to show off his scars and that he really longs to stab someone to death with his little handmade knife. The only thing I can think of is that it’s supposed to generate interest in the books to get people to read those in order to learn more about Tarkin’s new background in canon.

The artwork is okay. It’s easy enough to follow along with the visuals. Tarkin’s likeness isn’t too bad. But it’s hard to get excited about a shirtless Tarkin, and that’s pretty much the most exciting thing, visually, in this comic.

With good artwork and a somewhat pointless story, I have to give this one a two out of five metal bikinis. I would not recommend Grand Moff Tarkin #1 to anyone, unless you’re really interested in seeing a shirtless Tarkin.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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