Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #5

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #5

Writer: Brian Buccellato
Artist: Scott Hepburn
Colorist: Nick Filardi
Letterers: Carlos M. Mangual and Dezi Sienty
Cover Artists: Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #5 delivers the fun as the big showdown shakes everything up. First the Rogues have to deal with dissent among their ranks. Then they have to take on the Royal Flush Gang. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Johnny Quick and Atomica show up. Last but not least, they get the kitchen sink thrown at them on the last two pages of the issue. While it may be bad news for the Rogues, it’s a lot of fun for the readers.

There’s some great artwork in this issue. The style works really well and the colors are vivid and eye popping.

The artwork really shines in this issue, and there’s a great use of color. The first few panels deal with the brightly lit, padded interior of the armored car the Rogues are riding in. Outside, the colors are black and blue, the gloomy colors matching Mirror Master’s mental snap, subtly adding to the emotion and tension. There are plenty of good moments were the art really stands out: Ace blasting away with a shotgun, Atomica exploding a guys head and dripping with gore, Johnny Quick obliterating someone into a red mist, and the brawl between Mirror Master and Weather Wizard. To top things off, the issue ends with a ¬†gorgeous two page spread.

Outside, things turn grim with the artwork adding to the tension and drama.

Backing the artwork up is a great story. This issue pushes the characters emotionally as the odds get higher and higher. Having lost Captain Cold and Heatwave, things aren’t getting any easier for them. The friction between Mirror Master and Weather Wizard nearly proves their undoing. As the story progresses, the pressure builds until the end opens up the floodgates. It’s a very satisfying issue with action, tension and good dialog.

Perhaps the most striking art in this issue is the violence. The story presents some real stunners as things escalate out of control.

Rogues Rebellion #5 cranks it up to eleven for a terrific issue. This is the Rogues at their best. The characters are compelling and the storyline is just pure entertainment. I give this issue a five out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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