Forever Evil #3

Forever Evil #3

Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: David Finch
Inker: Richard Friend
Colorist: Sonia Oback
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Cover Artists: David Finch, Richard Friend and Sonia Oback (Ethan Van Sciver Hi-Fi variant cover)

Forever Evil #3 opens with an explanation for what happened before jumping into the action. Ultraman and Black Adam go at it. The Rogues face off against Power Ring and Deathstorm. In the end, a new force stands united against the Crime Syndicate. But will they be enough?

I actually really liked this issue. While Firestorms’ powers seem really corny (he’s somehow linked to the powers of creation), the rest of the story is pretty good. Batman recounts what happened to the Justice League and how he and Catwoman escaped with Cyborg. On the down side, this explanation means most if not all of the good guys aren’t really dead, but are just imprisoned. That’s a pretty big cushion on the series opening that all the good guys were dead. Still, the opening gives some answers and preps Batman for action as he realizes he needs to rescue Nightwing whose captivity is being broadcast on television.

Elsewhere Ultraman and Black Adam trade blows over the ocean. Their battle is epic, but brief, however it provides a lead-in to Lex Luthor’s sidestory. Black Manta happens to rescue Black Adam, pulling him to shore and joining forces with Lex and Bizarro, who have some good scenes and dialog in this issue. Back in Central City, the Rogues get creamed by Deathstorm and Power Ring. So far, Power Ring has seemed like a really weak and cowardly character, but he flips out into some serious paranoia which definitely changes the scales. Deathstorm, on the other hand, seems overpowered. He can actually remove other superheroes powers by restructuring their DNA. That’s taking godmodding to a whole new level, and regardless of who and when that power was bestowed on Deathstorm/Firestorm, that’s pretty ridiculous. Anyways, the Rogues get their butts beat and Captain Cold winds up on Lex’s team at the end. Though now that he’s powerless, I’m not sure what good he’ll be to the team.

The issue ends with a nice full page shot of Lex Luthor’s badguy team of not so evil villains. Now this is the angle I have the most interested in. We’ve seen Batman and the other good guys save the day countless times before. Seeing the badguys team to together to fight villains even more evil than themselves, that’s refreshing. I’m really hoping this angle gets played on more in the upcoming issues.

Visually this issue is well done. The art convey the pain and grief of the characters as they’re put in awful situations. There are nice close-ups, some large spreads and a good use of panels to show all the action. When not delving into the darker side of things, the issue portrays some of my favorite scenes in the comic. For starters, there’s the scenes between Lex and Bizarro where he’s handed a flower. The story and the art do a really good job with the humor between the two characters. Later on, there’s a really nice shot of Black Manta coming out of the ocean and dragging with him Black Adam. When Ultraman seemingly killed Black Adam, I was disappointed. It would have been the second time in recent weeks that I saw the character killed as he kicked the can in Injustice: Gods Among Us. But when Black Manta pulled him out of the water, it provided a bit of hope.

Forever Evil #3 did a great job of boosting the series back on track after I was wavering a little on issue #2. The storylines are progressing nicely and I like the characterizations. The artwork is good, and overall, this issue delivered. I give it a four out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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