Forces of Destiny: Hera

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny – Hera

Writer: Devin Grayson
Artist: Eva Widermann
Colorist: Monica Kubina
Letterer: Tom B. Long
Cover Artist: Eva Widermann and Monica Kubina (Cover A, shown above), Elsa Charretier and Matt Wilson (Cover B)

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny – Hera is a nice little self-contained story on a remote farming world that’s suffering under the Empire. Lucky for them they’re still in the early stages and Hera is there to help. With support from the locals and a little help from Chopper, they get the job done.

It’s a pretty straight forward story. A contingent of Imperials are on Fekunda to try and turn it into a reliable resource for rations. The commander in charge is pretty hopeless, and they try to force the farmers to farm faster. Hera shows up and helps the locals resist the Empire by slowing down all their efforts. This makes the planet a less desirable source of food. Rather than abandoning it, the commander tries to double down, and that’s when Hera delivers the crushing blow. A little coup helps chase off the Empire, and the locals decide to help Hera and the Rebels by supplying food. It’s a tidy little ending to a Hera adventure.

While the story is pretty simple, it’s kind of fun to get a dedicated Hera story. If there’s one thing Marvel missed the boat on, it’s Star Wars Rebels. While we did get a Kanan series, we never got any comics on the other characters. So this is definitely an issue Hera fans can enjoy.

The artwork is very cartoony, and pretty simple, but it still looks pretty good with bright, vibrant colors, and easy to follow panels. Combined with a good story, it makes for a good overall comic. I give it a four out of five nexus.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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