Doctor Aphra #27

Doctor Aphra #27

Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Emilio Laiso
Colorist: Rachelle Rosenberg
Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Cover Artist: Ashley Witter

Doctor Aphra #27 marks a return of Winloss and Nokk, the entertaining monster hunting duo. But that’s not the only returning characters. Sadly, I wasn’t really feeling it with this issue. What should have been big grins was just another page forward in the story.

Simon Spurrier was on a really good roll with the story but these last two issues have been kind of disappointing for me. I’m just not enjoying the dynamic between Aphra and Triple Zero. Her trying to pretend to be a goody two shoes and Triple Zero being constantly murder crazed and suppressed is a little boring. In this issue they both struggle to survive and think of ways to do so. Well, Aphra does most of the thinking as Triple Zero just wants to kill things. The two of them make an awful pair as they don’t work very well together. The odd thing is that when these two first met, it wasn’t this bad. It seems like an inconsistency, or Aphra is just going through an identity crisis. I’m not sure which.

In the end, two characters thought to be dead make a return. Eh, maybe it’ll be interesting in the next issue, as it was a bit of a cliffhanger, but right now, I’m not feeling it. It’s not doing anything for me. The whole hookspore thing is wearing thin, and not having characters stay dead is a worn out comic trope. There were some things I liked in this issue. I liked the girl with the ewok hood, and I liked the beginning with Winloss and Nokk. But that was it.

The artwork is pretty good with some nice clean linework, detail, and bright colors. There’s some good imagery and panels worth pausing over while you’re reading the story.

With a so-so story and good artwork, I give this issue a three out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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