Dinosaurs vs. Aliens

Created By: Barry Sonnenfeld
Story By: Barry Sonnenfeld and Grant Morrison
Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Mukesh Singh & Liquid Studios
Letterer: Nilesh S. Mahadik

On a whim I picked this comic up off the Free Comic Book Day shelf and was instantly blown away by the artwork inside. The title Dinosaurs vs. Aliens sounded incredibly cheesy, but with artwork this good, I was more than willing to give it a chance, and I’m glad I did. The story kicks off with Planet X, the Blue Planet…most likely Earth. An alien species is forced to land and make due with the situation. It isn’t perfect, and the choices aren’t easy. A dead alien by the name of Commander Kit recounts his recorded tale. What little of the story we get promises one clear thing: dinosaurs.

There is some gorgeous artwork of the scenery and dinosaurs inside. It’s truly beautiful. While this issue is only four pages long and brief on story, it’s promising and enticing. It really piqued my interest and left me wanting to know more. Who is this Commander Kit? How did he die? What did he do? And why do some of the dinosaurs appear to be wearing trinkets and clothing/armor?

In addition to the four page story, there’s also a page from the creators, nine pages of concept art both colored, uncolored, and simply sketched, plus two pages from the script for the graphic novel. The creator’s page sheds a little light on the story and where it is going (screenplay and graphic novel) and where it came from (playing with dinosaurs, tanks, and airplanes as a kid, as well as a bit about Kit Carson entitled Blood and Thunder).

Blown away by the artwork like I was, and given the enticing storyline, I give this preview a 5 out of 5 metal bikinis. This is a graphic novel I will definitely be checking out. (comes out June 5 in hardcover)

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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