DC Universe Online Legends #17

DC Universe Online Legends #17

The Brainiac-Sinestro Corps War Part 2

Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Bruno Redondo
Colorist: Jorge Gonzalez
Letterist: Wes Abbott
Cover Artist: Doug Mahnke and Randy Mayor

Part 2 of the Brainiac-Sinestro Corps War is well symbolized by the cover. Hal Jordan is glowing with the power of his ring, hanging on the precipice of action. As ordered by the Guardians, the Green Lanterns are containing the slaughter being waged between Brainiac and Sinestro. Hal is morally torn as he watches the chaos and killing. On the cover he leaves the reader in puzzled suspense. Is he cover in his own blood, his enemies’ blood, or his friends?

An excellent example of how the artist emphasized the emotion in the panels by simply highlighting certain portions of the characters' faces. A simple but effective trick.

Like part 1, part 2 kicks off with a whole lot of death in space. At this point, the battle is winding down and Brainiac’s forces are winning. Sinestro’s Corp is nothing more than a cloud of dead bodies floating in space around Brainiac’s ships. Still alive, Sinestro reflects on the events that lead to this disaster. He remembers when he and Hal first met, there days fighting together, and when they turned against each other. Now they stand opposed one last time. Sinestro’s world is dead. His troops are dead. The only thing left is his desire to strike at what caused this. Tom Taylor does a great job with the story, playing on the emotions of the characters and weaving them into an epic tale of conflict. As Hal convinces Sinestro he had nothing to do with this, things turn interesting and a weak alliance is formed. Can Hal and Sinestro take out Brainiac?

The last charge of the Sinestro Corps?

The art continues to shine as Bruno Redondo illustrates all the action. The coloring by Jorge Gonzalez brings it all to life. The glowing whips of power rings, the crimson pools of blood, and death rays all add a glowing brilliance to the panels. The emotion on the character’s faces helps add to the dialog of the story. I especially enjoyed how after the climax, a few extremely simple panels of darkness were used to pull the reader into a deep reflection of the consequences. It forces the reader to think about what happened as the story is lingering on the edge. Who won? Who died?

We finally meet...

A solid story and artwork make DC Universe Online Legends #17 a must read for Green Lantern fans. If you’re like me and are just a casual reader, it’s a lot of fun. The ending does lead to a cliff hanger, but the two parter was a wild ride and I’m glad to have the excuse to keep reading the series. I give this issue another 5 out of 5 metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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