Dawn of the Jedi: Prisoner of Bogan #4


Story: John Ostrander and Jan Duursema

Script: John Ostrander

Pencils: Jan Duursema

Inks: Dan Parsons

Colors: Wes Dzioba

Lettering: Michael Heisler

Cover Art: David Michael Beck

Chelsea: Get ready for some mind explosion with this issue. Seriously, there’s brain matter on my wall. This issue has it all: cat and mouse, deception, realization, a possible budding romance… Whew! The issue opens with Shae Koda and Rori Fenn in the city of Boneyard. Then it pans over to Xesh and Daegan Lok meeting up with a group of defeated Despot war veterans. To give you an idea of this scene, picture a seedy bar on the wrong side of a bad town to begin with; a group of misfits gathered around a table, all who hate Daegan with every inch of their being for killing their queen. Yup, intense.

Cory: I’ve followed John and Jan’s comics for a long time, these two can craft intensity in their sleep.  But Daegan does create an interesting enigma for fans. He’s clearly a villain for now, but his background makes him a tragic fellow that you can sympathize with.  After all he was sent away to Bogan because he had a vision that the Je’daii didn’t agree with.  Does he take things too far? Sure, but what villain doesn’t?  Just as Daegan and Xesh are finalizing their new army with Daegan’s old foes, Xesh senses someone tracking him down.

Chelsea: Da da dum, da da dum, in rushes Hawk Ryo, there to duel with Lok and take him back to Bogan. However, Lok does not plan to go quietly and duels with Ryo, or so Ryo thinks. It turns out that the whole scuffle was a figment of Ryo’s imagination, due to one of Lok’s mind tricks. So now Lok is escaping and the Je’daii must find him once again. Enter Shae Koda, who was tracking Xesh. Xesh all but begs her to back down, stating the only fighting he knows is a fight to the death. It’s clear that Xesh doesn’t want to hurt Shae, but as she is grasped and pulled under water by a beast, Xesh battles his conscience. To save Shae, when he knows he should let her die, or rescue her? Like the good guy we all want him to be, Xesh leaps in after her and crushes the hearts of the beast. When back on land, Xesh can barely feel a pulse on Koda. Then, in a move that makes giddy girls like myself swoon, he places his lips gently atop hers, and performs mouth to mouth. Voila! Shae is okay! And excuse me Miss Jan, but you have a knack for drawing the sparks a’ flyin’! Can I admit that I wouldn’t be disappointed in the least if there is a romance between the two? After all, Cory has informed me that Star Wars men love themselves some red heads!

Cory: Truth, just ask Luke Skywalker.  But while you are swooning over Jan’s work and Wes Dzioba’s colors in the issue we can’t forget that we get more info from the Kwa holocron about the Rakata.  Bringing in Rajivari once again the Je’daii learn that if the Rakata attack they are pretty much doomed. Honestly I’m really looking forward to when that happens, I want to see the Force Wars.  But the build up to that is simply amazing and well crafted. I do want to see Xesh join the Je’daii and I want to see him end up with Shae as well.  But I’m wondering how many Trill and Sek’nos shippers there will be also?

Chelsea: Yeah, I think John has his work cut out for him. Write me some saucy love stories, John! Pretty please? I’m looking forward to seeing the Force Wars as well, but I’m a big fan of the “love in a time of war” type romances. Bring it on. With all of the excitement of this issue and the fact that it was beautifully written and drawn, we give it 5 out of 5 brass bikinis!


Reviewed by Cory and Chelsea for Roqoo Depot



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  2. Completely agree, this issue had it all! Can’t wait for the big finale

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