Darth Vader #10

Darth Vader #10

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Salvador Larroca
Colorist: Edgar Delgado
Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Cover Artists: Salvador Larroca and Edgar Delgado

Darth Vader #10 draws close to an endpoint as Inspector Thanoth’s investigation nears completion. He’s almost gathered the evidence he needs to point out the culprit behind the credit heist. Yet with Darth Vader holding his hand, the question is whether the Dark Lord will lead him to his death via lightsaber or to a decoy target? Elsewhere, Aphra confirms Padme’s secret and passes it on to her master.

The mention of a mortician on Naboo had my mind spinning with possibilities. What kind of secrets would Vader learn about his dead wife? Delving into some spoilers, he didn’t learn much. The mortician confirmed that Padme was made to look pregnant when they buried her, but the child was whisked away. Thus Vader would have his concrete proof that his feelings and intuition are right. Luke is his son. Yet the revelation doesn’t quite have the shock value as it could have since Vader already had the realization some issues ago. This little subplot just cements it into place.

Aside from Aphra’s mission to Naboo, and the chaos her and her droids cause, Vader has his own fun on Anthan Prime. He and Inspector Thanoth wrap up their search for the Dragon and get the intel they were looking for. Thanoth continues to show off his wiley skills and luck even though each success brings him closer to his own doom. But Vader’s dialog is cagey. As contradictory as it would seem, he keeps pushing Thanoth along. It’s almost as if he wants him to succeed. But to what end? Is Vader relishing the moment that he’ll get to confront Thanoth, end this playacting and be done with the entire charade of an investigation? My fear, and the way the story is slyly slipping along, is that Aphra is getting stood up to be pidgeon. She’s already earned Vader his droid army, bounty hunter task force, and small fortune in credits. She’s also gained the intel he needed on Luke. While he could keep her around as a valuable asset, she also knows too much. Can he afford to keep such a liability around? On the other hand, Thanoth isn’t the only threat he needs to worry about as he still has all those Emperor agent wannabes out there rampaging across the galaxy. Thus Aphra might have a chance after all. Either way, I like how the story is shaping up.

The artwork in this issue is consistent with the rest of the series. It looks good, it portray the action, and it showcases some fun moments. I liked the opening with the Dragon, and there’s some good shots of Vader strewn throughout. The human characters also good some good attention with nice close ups and personal moments that highlight the emotion. In particular, Aphra had some great scenes in this issue as she sheds a little light on her backstory. But the end pages had alarm bells ringing in my head. The way Vader is lurking in the shadows next to Aphra felt like an ill omen for what’s to come. Then there’s the final scene showing something arriving. Could it be Thanoth? Could it be Aphra’s doom? Whatever it is, it feels significant.

Coming in with a strong story, character elements and good artwork, I give Darth Vader #10 a five out of five metal bikinis. Without being cover-to-cover action, this one does a good job of telling a Vader story without being entirely Vader focused. It’s a dangerous gamble, but I think it’s paying off.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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