Dark Times: Fire Carrier #2

Dark Times: Fire Carrier #2 (of 5)

Writer: Randy Stradley
Artist: Gabriel Guzman
Colorist: Garry Henderson
Letterer: Michael Heisler
Cover Artist: Doug Wheatley

Fire Carrier #2 stirs things up as the series continues to put the dark in the Dark Times. Vader continues to toy with Falcon Sang, conditioning him for a role, but for an unknown purpose. On Arkinnea, K’Kruhk and his younglings escape the refugee camp with Master Zao. And then there’s the building tension with Imperial Commander Teron and Captain Relik. Relik is hiding something. What his militia is up to, Zao seems to be the only one who knows.

One random thing I liked in the issue was the hi-tech farm. The first three panels of the farm K’Kruhk and company go to exhibits a very rustic feel. There’s a barn, a farm cottage, and a tractor, all of them highly recognizable as their real world counterparts, but all of them with a little flair that makes them appear sci-fi. The calmness of the scenic scenery helps play into the tension of the issue. We all know there is an ill fate for those refugees in the camp who get called to the shuttle. Master Zao has a sad moment were he looks at another shuttle taking off with refugees. Yet there are the younglings and their care free nature, happy as can be in the melon patch. You know something dark is coming, but you can’t help but be happy in the moment. Randy and the art team played the duality aspect perfectly.

I’ll admit, Fire Carrier #1 didn’t pack a whole lot of punch, but I trusted that the story would still be good in the bigger scheme of things. Thankfully, Fire Carrier #2 started to bring the payoff. What is the mysterious fate of the refugees? Well readers will find out in the end of this issue. Plus K’Kruhk and Zao now have some motivation and a possible direction of purpose. Or in this case, a conflicting direction of purpose. On one hand K’Kruhk will want to protect his younglings. On the other, he’ll want to right the injustice being carried out by the local militia. I can definitely foresee the local Imperial Commander coming into play and helping out K’Kruhk. Still, I’m not sure how Vader and his new assassin fit into the picture.

Aside from the story, the artwork continues to do a good job. They style is similar to Colin Wilson, and Gabriel Guzman is pretty good at encapsulating scenes and getting the emotions across. I was glad to see the amount of attention that went into the last panel. That definitely helped push the emotion of the scene. And throughout there were some nice character moments here and there. The colors are lively and pleasing. All in all it worked well.

With the story taking an upswing, and the artwork keeping a steady pace, I give Dark Times: Fire Carrier #2 a five out of five metal bikinis. If you didn’t dive in yet with issue #1, now is a great time to jump in, whether you’ve read any of the Dark Times series or not.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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