Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost #6

Crimson Empire III: Empire Lost #6 (of 6)

Story By: Mike Richardson and Randy Stradley
Script By: Mike Richardson
Artist: Paul Gulacy
Colorist: Michael Bartolo
Letterer: Michael Heisler
Cover Artist: Dave Dorman

“There’s nothing left to say. One of us dies,” and so the fateful end between Kir Kanos and Devian comes at last in the final issue of Crimson Empire III. An even mix of good art and odd art combined with a nice story certainly earns a decent conclusion for the arc. There is death, there is some heaping amounts of action, and the main plot threads are more or less wrapped up. While it’s easy to ask for more, Empire Lost #6 offers enough to be satisfying.

Without giving too much away, the story was well done. It didn’t really raise the bar or strive for new ground, but it did what needed to be done and was enjoyable. The characters were in a lot of confrontations and it was fun to see the fallout. The dialog was a little dry at first, but once the action cranked into high gear, things got exciting. A couple of the lines were pretty good, but for the most part the actions carried the story in this issue.

As mentioned above, the art in this issue was a mixed bag. Some of it was really good stuff. There were some awesome fight scenes between Kanos and Devian. The stormtrooper battles were pretty cool. Plus Pellaeon showed up again for some good closeup shots. However there was some art that just looked odd or bad. In particular there are the shots of Han Solo in the beginning of the issue. There’s one panel that has a great shot of a Mon Cal (possibly Ackbar), Chewie, and Han. The problem is Han looks really awful in the panel. It’s not that he just doesn’t look like Harrison Ford or Han from the movies, it’s that the drawing itself looks very poor. It doesn’t look normal. They style of it puts the mouth to low, the face appears disproportionately long. Thankfully Han doesn’t appear elsewhere, but Luke and Leia appear briefly at the end and their appearances aren’t too much better. Still, the rest of the art is pretty good.

Speaking of art, I loved the cover on this issue. Dave Dorman nailed the perfect ending image for the series. Kanos driving a spear into a wall and walking off into the sunset perfectly captures the spirit of the story. This is the last draw. One way or another, Kanos has had enough and things end here.

Overall, the ending worked. It felt satisfying. There’s the possibility we could always get more but no guarantees and more importantly, it’s not necessary. If this ends up being the last issue of Crimson Empire ever, then it was a fitting end. If not, then fans will surely rejoice to get more Kir Kanos. Either way it works out good. As the last issue in the series, I give Empire Lost #6 a good four out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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