Comic Review: Star Wars Purge: The Tyrant’s Fist #2

Purge #2

Script: Alexander Freed
Art: Marco Castiello & Andrea Chella
Colors: Michael At iyeh
Lettering: Michael Heisler
Cover Art: Dan Scott

Emperor Palpatine’s new order sweeps across the galaxy, transforming the democratic Republic into a gleaming, perfect Empire with no room for resistance or free thought.

Yet while many planets welcome Palpatine’s influence, the world of Vaklin prizes its historic connection to the devastated Jedi Order, sworn enemy of Palpatine’s regime.

Emperor Palpatine’s deadly enforcer, Darth Vader, has vowed to eradicate the Vaklin insurgency and its leader, the Jedi Knight Cho’na Bene—but after finding that military crackdowns are only encouraging the opposition, Vader has recruited Major Oniye Namada of the Imperial Security Bureau to find another way to conduct his purge . . .

Basically this issue can be broken down into two parts: Vader and the Empire erasing everything Jedi on the planet Vaklin, and Vader and the Empire killing anything Jedi on the planet Vaklin.  There is nothing new here, and while The Tyrant’s Fist is solid, it’s also very predictable; it took no risks and forged no new ground.  It told us what we already know and we’ve known it for some time.

A young Jedi named Darth Vader, who was a pupil of mine until he turned to evil, helped the Empire hunt down and destroy the Jedi knights. ~ Obi-Wan, A New Hope.

If you’re going to tell readers what they already know, you need to put a distinctive spin on it.  The excellent Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison did that very well.  The Tyrant’s Fist, on the other hand, reads like a chapter in a book you could easily skip.  Ghost Prison probably spoiled me for this type of story.  It set a high bar, and it isn’t that Tyrant’s Fist is in any way bad — the writing and art are decent.  It’s just that it’s something we’ve seen before.  Move along, move along.

For all I know, Tyrant’s Fist is a chapter in an on-going Vader saga which will turn out to be worthwhile, but as a stand alone two-issue series, it didn’t work for me.  I would have to give it a 3/5 metal bikinis.

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