Allegiance #4

Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Allegiance #4

Writer: Ethan Sacks
Artist: Luke Ross
Colorist: Lee Loughridge
Letterer: Clayton Cowles
Cover Artist: Marco Checcetto

There’s some mixed messages in Allegiance #4 that make it a victory that might not be worth celebrating. As this issue wraps up the mini-series and brings a close to the two story arcs, the success of the heroes isn’t as clear as it could be. In fact, Leia may have done more harm than good.

First off, let’s tackle the Poe and Finn story. They end up blowing up a good chunk of the munitions they were after in order to escape from the bounty hunters. However, they do manage to make out with some supplies so it’s not a complete loss. The bounty hunters, meanwhile, go on to do their sword heist next, which is what happens in the Galaxy’s Edge mini-series. All in all, the whole Poe and Finn story wasn’t anything earth shattering, and didn’t really involve any character development, but it was fun and provided lots of action.

Next is the Leia story. After an assassination attempt, Rey and Rose capture the assassin. Everyone brings this to the king who now sides with Leia and she gets her support. It’s kind of a played out story we’ve seen before, so nothing new there. What is interesting is the one Quarren guy decides to redeem himself with a suicide mission against the First Order. He provides a distraction so Leia can escape with some Mon Cala vessels. Here’s the thing. In previous books, they’ve established that the New Republic opted to not have a strong centralized military. Instead everyone would be in charge of policing themselves and have their own fleets. So you would think Mon Cala, with their shipyards and famous ships, would have a sizable fleet. But they don’t. Leia goes through all of this for one Mon Cala cruiser, a couple frigates, and what looks to be some more of those worthless bombers from The Last Jedi. On top of that, the First Order shows up on Mon Cala and the issue ends there. It’s a very ominous ending as we’ve see two previous examples in this series where the First Order wipes out everyone who assists or just plain comes into contact with the Resistance. The story leads one to believe that the First Order is going to wipe out the Mon Cala for helping Leia, again. I say again because we’ve seen this story recently in another Marvel Star Wars comic where Leia went to the Mon Cala for help.

Here’s the thing – Leia got her ships…and just left. She didn’t stick around to help the Mon Cala. They’re on their own, and if they sent all their ships with Leia, they’re now defenseless. If Leia is trying to get support and allies, this looks terrible. We’ve seen a planet wiped out for giving her supplies, a leader killed for refusing the Resistance help, and now the Mon Cala have given her ships and the First Order is threatening retaliation again. The big picture is don’t help Leia or you get killed by the First Order. It’s also giving the message that the Resistance is helpless and can’t stand up to the First Order and everyone is on their own in standing up to them. There is no help out there. As much as The Last Jedi was about finding hope again, there was no hope to be found in this mini-series.

That aside, overall, the story told in this mini-series wasn’t too bad. It’s a nice teaser to get us fired up for the last movie. It’s not exactly essential reading, but it’s not hard skip either. If you’re looking for more content, it’s worth checking out. It’s not going to fundamentally change the way you look at the characters, or where the story is heading, but it’s a nice bit of adventure to pass the time. To that end, I give Allegiance #4 a four out of five metal bikinis.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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