Age of Rebellion Special #1

Star Was: Age of Rebellion Special #1

Writers: Marc Guggenheim, Jon Adams, and Si Spurrier
Artists: Jon Adams, Caspar Wijngaard, and Andrea Broccardo
Colorists: Lee Loughridge, Dono Sanchez-Almara, and Chris O’Halloran
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Cover Artists: Giuseppe Camuncoli and Guru-eFX

Age of Rebellion Special #1 is something else. Three stories, two of them very much Star Wars, and one that is out of this world, even for Star Wars.

Okay, the first story in this issue is “The Long Game” by Si Spurrier, and it’s a good one. It stars IG-88 and explores the peculiar attitude of the droid. From his ups and downs, to him not collecting on certain bounties. But the pay off is in the end. The last line from the droid made me laugh out loud as it was totally true. Worth it. The art isn’t the best, but it’s not too bad and gets the job done. You can tell who’s who and you can follow along with the action. With most of the characters being droids and aliens, it works out.

The second story is “The Trial of Dagobah” by Marc Guggenheim and stars Yoda. It’s a decent Yoda story taking place right before the events in The Empire Strikes Back. Yoda ventures out to get some meat for his stew and falls in a cavern, buried by rubble. He struggles to free himself with the Force because he’s been burying himself in guilt all these years. Thus he’s forced to face it, to forgive himself, and thus free himself. Renewed, he returns home and hears the arrival of Luke in his X-wing. It’s a nice little tie-in that deals with Yoda’s feelings and his coping with the events of Revenge of the Sith. The artwork is good, not great, but a bit better than the previous story. There’s good detail and likeness, good coloring, and it’s easy to follow along with the panels.

The final story is “Stolen Valor” by Jon Adams. This one stars Jek Porkins and Biggs Darklighter. This one is completely bizarre. Biggs is enthusiastic and completely oblivious to empathizing with the Imperials they kill. Porkins, on the other hand, is really depressed by all the killing. So they go on vacation to a planet that encourages littering. Their luggage gets lost. Biggs is in a speedo, Porkins is in an undershirt, boxers and knee high boots. They ride a water worm, eat local bugs, play in the sand, and Porkins even gets drunk and proposes to an alien. Then they run into an Imperial officer who is also on vacation. Biggs actually says “wait, I know her! A Star Destroyer shot at me once and I think I saw her in the window giving me an angry look.” It goes on from there. On one had, it’s so completely ridiculous and weird, that it’s kind of funny and entertaining. But there’s one big problem. This isn’t some fun little non-canon story. This is, supposedly, a canon story. So this supposedly really happened. I’m really not sure what they were thinking with this story. If Marvel wants to go in a different direction and do off the wall comedy, that’s fine, but they need to delineate it as something that’s not canon. However, if they’re trying to say everything is canon, then someone serious flubbed on this story. It’s a weird spot to be in because I’m not sure how we’re suppose to view this story, and I’m not sure how to take it. Back in the day, Dark Horse would do these type of Star Wars stories, but they were always careful to let readers know there were not considered canon. I think Marvel needs to consider doing the same thing here if they keep up with this kind of thing.

Overall, well, it’s a weird issue. Seriously, that Porkins and Bigg’s story is so crazy that you have to read this one. I’m not sure it’s for the right reasons, but it’s so ridiculous it’s worth it. However, that story totally changes the whole vibe of the comic. You get two more serious, grounded, stories, then you get that one. It’s just so out of place that it makes the whole issue feel weird. Not taking that last story into consideration, I’d give this issue a four out of five metal bikinis. Taking that last story into account on it’s own, and not worrying about how much is breaks canon, I’d give this thing a five out of five. I think we all have to step back and realize that there is no way that story is canon. But whether it is or isn’t, there’s part of me that loves how dumb, bizarre and out of left field that thing was. Maybe in the future they should just give Jon Adams his own issue and label it “Crazy Fun Star Wars.”

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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