First Trailer: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

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Warning: this looks like every Peter Jackson LOTR/Hobbit trailer ever.

Via Warner Bros UK Youtube

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First Trailer- “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”

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With the first Hobbit adventure earning over $1 billion worldwide, many are clamoring for Peter Jackson’s next forray into Middle Earth, with the release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. The first trailer for the second part in The Hobbit trailer has just recently debuted, and you can watch below!

On a side note, who else is beyond excited for the appearance of Legolas?

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Our Interview with Star Wars Artist Jerry Vanderstelt

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Jerry Vanderstelt is an artist who has a tremendous talent for capturing characters who look as real in a painting as they do on the movie screen. From Star Wars to The Hobbit, he’s worked on some great film franchises and with plenty more to come. We decided to take a moment to ask Jerry some questions about his work and what’s coming next. And don’t forget to check out our galleria post showing off a wide array of Jerry Vanderstelt’s magnificent Star Wars artwork.

Can you describe the process you go through to create one of your paintings?

Jerry Vanderstelt: Each piece has a different process, depending on the needs of the imagery I am shooting for, but typically I begin with a sketch, then once that is established and approved ( either by me or someone like Lucasfilm ), then I move on to the actual art. Continue Reading Our Interview with Star Wars Artist Jerry Vanderstelt…

Peter Jackson On Star Wars and the Future of Middle Earth

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Peter JacksonPeter Jackson sat down with MTV and delivered some bad news for Hobbit fans.  There won’t be any more movies after There and Back Again.  While J.R.R. Tolkien apparently was fine with movies based on his works and sold the rights to The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings back in the sixties, the Tolkien estate takes a dim view of of it.  Since the rest of Tolkien’s works are legally in the hands of the estate, there’s not much anyone can do about it.

Meanwhile, Jackson has nothing but praise for George Lucas and his decision to pass on his Star Wars legacy.  Jackson took the opportunity to commend Lucas by appropriately quoting Tolkien (are you listening, Tolkien estate?).

“The one thing that Tolkien said is that the wonderful thing with mythology — and George Lucas has created a mythology of his own — is that it keeps getting handed from one person to the next, and each person embellishes it and expands it,” Jackson added. “It actually keeps mythology alive, because it should be a living, breathing organic thing where it expands over time. It doesn’t just stay stagnant. So I think what George is doing with ‘Star Wars’ is terrific.”

For a video and more on this go to MTV.

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