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Lightsaber Rattling: Sometimes Star Wars authors will tease fans with a snippet of dialog or puzzling pictures. This week Jason Fry posted a picture of a pile of books and a brief message. Pete over at Lightsaber Rattling dove head first into what this could all mean, and Jason Fry even commented on Pete’s detective work.

Big Pop Fun Podcast: Hosted by Tom Wilson (the actor who played Biff in the Back to the Future movies), Big Pop Fun is a great podcast I’ve been listening to lately. I highly recommend checking out his interviews with Mark Hamill and James Arnold Taylor.

As You Wish Helmet Project: With Star Wars Celebration VI fast approaching, there’s lost of stuff going on including the As You Wish Helmet Project which has some spectacular looking custom Boba Fett and Clone Trooper helmet. Be sure to stop by their Facebook page and take a gander at all the cool projects which range from steampunk to full size Lego mini-figs.

Stephen Stanton: For fans of Where’s Waldo, how about Where’s Wall-e?

IGN: Our last shout out goes to IGN for posting the trailer for Bullet to the Head, a Sylvester Stalone movie based on the graphic novel illustrated by Star Wars comic artist Colin Wilson.

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Utini Shout Outs

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ClubJade: Couple shot outs go to ClubJade. One for their excellent write up by Justin LaSalata on navigating the autograph hall at Star Wars Celebration VI. As a newcomer heading to CVI, there’s was some good info in there that I think we’ll be pretty useful.

The other shout out is for an Essential Reader’s Companion illustration of Mara Jade without the catsuit. It’s always nice to see more Mara.

Fangirlblog: With the recent release of Aaron Allston’s Mercy Kill, there were a lot of reviews floating around. One of my favorites, and also one of the most thorough, was Kay’s review on Fangirlblog. There’s some spoilers, so beware.

LightSaber Rattling: For pointing out the new employment of former Pixar writer and director Brenda Chapman and the mention of a new animated film from LucasFilm.

Rebelscum.com: If you’re heading to Star Wars Celebration VI, then be sure to check out Rebelscum’s handy Survival Guide that’s full of useful info.

And finally some shout outs for best Curiosity laughs: Geek Culture, Tom Taylor, and George Takei.

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Utini Shout Outs

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Relevant: for reporting on Australian gazillionare, Clive Palmer’s, insane brilliant plans to do a Jurassic Park in his back yard.  Yes, Palmer wants to clone dinosaurs from DNA, gosh absolutely nothing could go wrong with that plan.  Right?  Hope his neighbors have electric fences and several backup generators.

Brandon Griffin: for creating Lego Star Wars chessboards — three of them no less.  And kudos to MTV Geek for bringing it to our attention.  Go check out the very cool pics of these chessboards.

Seth MacFarlane: for the following tweet:

Seth MacFarlane@SethMacFarlane

Lunch yesterday w/ George Lucas, who explained to me in detail the moral philosophy of The Force. That might be the whole bucket list.

Now if either Seth or George would just explain it to the rest of us.

Vulture: For this hilarious video of Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis reading from Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Utini Shout Outs!

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A very big shout out goes to Col. Rob Keibler and Portland’s Cloud City Garrison.  Col. Keibler just spent 14 months in Afghanistan.  He returned home in time to surprise his son, Danny, at the 5 year old’s birthday.  Mom Marcelle posted a video on youtube and if you don’t get a tear in your eye watching it, then you are for sure an imperial.

Star Wars Report: for a good (and fun) article that’s both an explanation and a defense of fiction.  Not your thing?  No problem, but maybe don’t knock people who do enjoy it.  Cause really you’ll get no life points for it.

Geek out: Genevieve Dempre posted a great article on defending lady geeks.  Just in case you’ve been hiding out in a cave recently, there’s been quite the kerfuffle over a certain article denigrating female geeks.  Ms. Dempre’s article is a most worthy response.

Last but not least @Depressed Darth for this tweet: I would be more excited for the Opening Ceremony if the Olympic torch was a lightsaber.

There’s no way we don’t approve of that message.

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Utini Shout Outs

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Club Jade and Jawa James for the vids of the SDCC Star Wars Panel.  Great job, guys, and really appreciated by the fans who couldn’t be there.

Pete Morrison’s (LightSaber Rattling) early review of Lost Tribe of the Sith: Pandemonium.  The Collected Stories will be out next Tuesday.

Tosche Station for their Replace the Catsuit Contest.  That’s a definite Utini!

Jedipedia, the German Star Wars wiki.  We’re not sure exactly what their content says because it’s in German, but Yay! for international friends.

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Utini Shout Outs!

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Fan Blog Shout Outs go to:

EU Cantina for their Summer Children’s Literacy Program.  EUC has kicked off a two month campaign to raise awareness and funds for children’s literacy.  You can check it out here.

Need more female perspective in your Star Wars (yes, you do)?  Check out Fangirl Blog’s Blood, Honor and Matriarchs series, where they discuss the role of Hapans in Star Wars.  You can find part 1 here and part 2 here.

LightSaber Rattling’s Peter Morrison has posted an unofficial Star Wars: Clone Wars motion comic, The Siren of Dathomir, by Joe Hogan which is worth a check out.

Here’s to Knight’s Archive for snaring the latest Scoundrels blurb.  Good catch.

Our last shout out goes to just about every fan blog for getting the news out there about TOS’s Star Wars Reads Day (October 6, 2012).  Since the shout out goes to everybody, we’re just going to link the official announcement.

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