EU in Carbonite?

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According to a member of TheForce.Net forums, the Star Wars Expanded Universe could be frozen in carbonite for the time being. While at Starfest 2013 in Denver, Colorado, a fellow Star Wars fan met author Timothy Zahn in the elevator. The fan in questioned engaged Tim in conversation, and what Tim revealed is this…

…A freeze has been put on any, at least for him, books for the Expanded Universe beyond Return of the Jedi. Continue Reading EU in Carbonite?…

Conspiracy Report: What Will Disney Cancel Next?

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We live in interesting times. Star Wars Episode VII is on the distant horizon with a pile of Star Wars films behind it. And then there’s this mouse going around throwing away all our toys while we’re distracted. The 3D re-releases, Star Wars 1313, Detours, The Clone Wars…it’s enough to drive a distraught Hutt swan-diving into the nearest sarlacc.

As any good conspiracist, we’re focusing all our immense wealth and resources (two refurbished mouse droids and a for-hire Gamorrean private eye who works for food) on what the mouse plans to target next. So, we called up our inside source Pluto to find out what Disney will cancel next. You won’t believe what we found out.

According to good old Pluto, the house of mouse has a list of items they’re crossing off one by one. While we’ve already seen quite a few projects marked off already, there are still five high priorities left for the trash bin. Continue Reading Conspiracy Report: What Will Disney Cancel Next?…

Conspiracy Report: The Fate of Ahsoka

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With the amazing ending to season five of The Clone Wars, everyone is wondering about the fate of Ahsoka Tano. While our Bothan spies haven’t been able to find much, are steadfast Jawa soothsayers haven’t let us down. Fair warning, we’re going into serious spoiler territory. Continue Reading Conspiracy Report: The Fate of Ahsoka…

Conspiracy Report: And They All Fall Down

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At Star Wars Celebration VI, chalk artist Eric Maruscak created a cool mural for The Clone Wars. It depicted Darth Sidious and a bunch of TCW characters with the tagline “who will fall?” Not too long afterwards, the promotional art appeared online. Each season of The Clone Wars has typically had a catch phrase like “Season of the Bounty Hunters” or “Secrets Revealed.” If those are anything to go on, then Season 5 is “Who will fall?”

Now at first glimpse, the promo art would suggest that one of the characters shown might die in the season opener. For everyone whose seen “Revival”, we already know who that person is. But what if “Who will fall?” is not just a promo to kick start the season, but a theme for the entire season? What if this is just one of many deaths to come? With Darth Maul and Savage Opress tearing through the cast of characters, this is definitely a possibility. On top of that, there’s the promise of Black Sun, Death Watch, and a seriously ticked off Darth Sidious.

Fair warning, we’re heading into spoiler territory for Season 5, Episode One. Continue Reading Conspiracy Report: And They All Fall Down…

Conspiracy Report: Borsk Fey’lya, Back From the Dead

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A little Ewok whispered in my ear that there was a hidden face on the cover of Crucible. At first, I didn’t believe it. Rumor had it that there was a image of Ben or a veiled woman in the upper left hand corner. So I pulled up the picture and took a look. I couldn’t see any face there no matter how hard I tried. Dejected, I pulled back my focus and glanced over at the other corner…and there I spied a face. Yet it wasn’t Ben, and it wasn’t a veiled woman. The face I spied was Borsk Fey’lya.
Continue Reading Conspiracy Report: Borsk Fey’lya, Back From the Dead…

Conspiracy Report: Begun The Junk Wars Have

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Once again we’ve sent out our Kubaz spies to scour the galaxy for breaking news and tantalizing rumors (Bothan spies are overrated anyways). This week they’ve come back with some startling information on Paul S. Kemp’s secretive Star Wars duology.

Sometime next year we’ll get to see the first book in Paul S. Kemp’s yet-to-be-revealed Star Wars duology. We don’t know much about Paul’s two books yet…or do we? In an interview with Civilian Reader, Kemp mentioned that the duology will be hardcover. Del Rey Editor Frank Parisi described it as “a very ambitious project.” We know we’ll get a Big 3 novel from Denning next year in the form of Crucible. We’ll also be getting Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void by Tim Lebbon, and The Last Jedi by Michael Reaves and Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff.

We’ve spent many hours extrapolating the known data and meditating on the fumes of old Star Wars novels in order to ascertain what it could all mean. Our conclusion is this: Paul S. Kemp’s duology will be a story about Squibs. Continue Reading Conspiracy Report: Begun The Junk Wars Have…

Conspiracy Report: Scoundrel’s Luck on the way to Crucible

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Our conspiracy theorist have rose to a new challenge: connecting the dots between the villain’s in Troy Denning’s upcoming novel Crucible to his old days at West End Games. Bear with us because this will not be a short journey. In fact the first step in this conspiracy theory starts with our review of a book called Scoundrel’s Luck.
Continue Reading Conspiracy Report: Scoundrel’s Luck on the way to Crucible…

Conspiracy Report: Star Wars 1313

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A new mystery is circling the web. Lucasfilm has begun registering domains under the guise “starwars1313.” What could it mean? A Star Wars historical crossover in the year 1313 AD? The marriage of the Dark Sith Underlord to his Gungan mistress in 1313 BBY? Some think it has to do with Boba Fett and the alias CT-1313 he used. Here on Roqoo Depot, we think it means Star Wars 1-3-13 as in January 1, 2013. What could be so big? We’re laying our bets on Return of the Ewok in 3D!

Or maybe Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones in 3D. We admit, it’s a toss up.

Posted By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot. Inside everyone one of us is a little Ewok waiting to get out.

Conspiracy Report: The Real Yuuzhan Vong Advance Scouts

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Okay, so things were pretty chill in the galaxy until the pesky Rebel Alliance started causing problems.  Then Luke Skywalker shows up and things rapidly went down the tubes — literally.  Yeah, the Alliance had to retake Coruscant and clean up a few War Lords and Moffs issues, but in no time they were a new sheriff in town.  And that’s when things really went to hell in a handbasket.  It’s been nothing but galactic threats and wars since Palpatine went down the shaft and the Sith (very temporarily) got wiped out.  Of course, Grand Admiral Thrawn tried to help out with whipping the New Republic into shape to meet any and all threats on the horizon.  Unfortunately, neither the NR nor the Noghri got that memo and Thrawn was dispatched to that great Art Gallery in the Sky.
Continue Reading Conspiracy Report: The Real Yuuzhan Vong Advance Scouts…

Conspiracy Report

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Author Joe Schreiber is having a meeting at Random House today according to his tweet.  On Tuesday we posted a book proposal that is right up Mr. Schreiber’s alley.  As well Erich of Del Rey tweeted this:

This week a fantastic idea for a #StarWars novel got paired with the perfect author to write it. Can’t wait until we can tell you more.

Coincidence?  We think not: the icing on the cake.

What next? Will Chris Trevas be working on a new Star Wars cover? If so, then we can only speculate that it will contain some smooching skeletons.

Posted by Synlah for Roqoo Depot.  Always glad to oblige.

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