Interview: Kathy Tyers Talks ‘Balance Point’, ‘The Truce At Bakura’, & ‘Star Wars Legends’

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Today we have a very special interview conducted by Doug McCausland. A couple weeks ago Doug did an outstanding interview with author Kevin J. Anderson covering the 20th anniversary of the Jedi Academy Trilogy. This week Doug continues his series of Star Wars author interviews with Kathy Tyers.

In the early to mid 90’s, Kathy Tyers was one of the most prominent authors of the Bantam-era Star Wars Expanded Universe alongside Timothy Zahn & Kevin J. Anderson. Her first contribution to Star Wars lore was 1994’s The Truce at Bakura, taking place immediately after the events of Return of the Jedi. She would later go on to contribute several short stories to Kevin J. Anderson’s Tales From The… series, including “Prize Pelt: The Tale of Bossk” and “We Don’t Do Weddings: The Band’s Tale”, as well as the New Jedi Order installment Balance Point. Continue Reading Interview: Kathy Tyers Talks ‘Balance Point’, ‘The Truce At Bakura’, & ‘Star Wars Legends’…

President Awards National Medal of Arts to George Lucas

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(via The Uptake youtube)

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George Lucas and Melody Hobson Wed

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George and MelodyGeorge Lucas and Melody Hobson were married Saturday in a ceremony that guest Ron Howard described as a “joy to behold”.  Also among the attendees was Samuel L. Jackson who tweeted “Let’s give a Galactic shout out to Master George Lucas & his bride Melodie on this, their wedding day”.

The news took most of the public by surprise as the wedding was expected to be held in Chicago on June 29, but George Lucas does have a way with delivering surprises.  The ceremony was conducted somewhere in Marin County, California at Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch.  Bill Moyers officiated, prompting Ron Howard to tweet that it was “…beautiful, nothing short of profound.  congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Lucas.”

Update:  You can read more details on the wedding at HuffPost Celebrity.

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