Ewan McGregor–Obi-Wan Kenobi Series Confirmed

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obiwanFinally what the fans have been waiting for, not to mention what’s been rumored (since forever) has been confirmed.  Kathleen Kennedy took the stage today at D23 Expo to announce that filming for the live action Kenobi series will start next year when McGregor will reprise his role as the younger Kenobi.  The series, with 8 scripts already written, will air on Disney+.

Although McGregor was aged up in Revenge of the Sith to bear a closer resemblance to original trilogy Alec Guinness (who was 63 in 1977), this series will be set 8 years out from ROTS, which now basically makes McGregor at 48 age appropriate.  I guess the old saying is true: all good things come to those who wait.  For both actor and fans.

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LFL Gave Ewan McGregor a Head’s Up on the Disney Deal

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EwanIn an interview with the Washington Post, actor Ewan McGregor revealed that he was given a head’s up by Lucasfilm about the impending sale to Disney.  A friend at LFL contacted him the day before the Disney deal was announced, something the actor greatly appreciated.  Ewan went on to say — for about the fifth or sixth time since everyone is asking him — that he would be happy to play Obi-Wan again in the new movie.  In fact, he doesn’t want anyone else to play him.  Neither do we.

You can view the video interview on the Washington Post website.

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